Hermes Scarf Question

  1. Does anyone remember seeing this with a black background in H?
    I could have sworn I saw this scarf today in black while in Bergdorf's.
    And I reallllly loved it, however I stopped in Hermes & checked online...
    None in sight & the SAs were swamped with customers.
  2. I'm about 70% sure you're right.
  3. Despite the lady having it on a Coach bag...............................
    I loved it a lot. I want one in black but ^ as you can see why, I
    am having doubts that it was actually that scarf, just one a different
    brand very similar, yet at the same tiem-- It was too similar to be anything
    else. Blah! I want it, looks like I'll be calling Betty F. At H on Rodeo again :graucho:
  4. I'm fairly sure I'v seen this in black :smile: