Scarves Hermes scarf pillow

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  1. guccigal07, had some of her scarves made into pillows/cushions and they looked gorgeous.
    They do look gorgeous, and thank you andee for posting the link.
  2. It's Super Cute And Nice But Orange Would Be Even Better!
  3. There is a previous thread by GUCCIGal on her pillow.

    I haven't figured out how to post her picture, You will soon find out I am hopeless with pictures.
  4. you and me both andee. LOL!!
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  6. ^^ thanx mooks!!
    Dont they look gorgeous???
  7. Yes they do, I'm going to be on the look out for some "cheap" scarves
  8. That looks great. They used a finesse version of Le Roi Soleil which looks like toile and cut away the border so its not as bug as a regular 35 in one. All clever touches.

    GG used the 70cm vintage scarves for her pillows. That seems to be the best size for making pillows with.
  9. Actually I didn't think of that, after all the 90cm ones would be pretty huge
  10. Yep. The 45cm would make great pillows too and they arent too much. Bibliothetique would make a great pillow. You might still be able to pick that up at a duty-free shop so that it would be even cheaper.
  11. andee - Thanks for sharing! Love this idea (together with framing the scarves)!

    And welcome to H forum!
  12. I was just thinking what wonderful gifts these would make too, if you could find some good condition secondhand scarves
  13. You know I've found that happening with other people too.....very strange! Thanks for reposting