Hermès Scarf on Non-Hermès Bag ???

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  1. I need your honest feedback. I have a YSL Muse bag in chocolate and would like to dress it up with a little Hermès pocket square or twilly. However, is it considered "A-OK" to mix brands like that? I checked with the YSL boutique in NYC and they have no small scarves at all so my only choice is to go with a different brand. And for me, Hermès is "It" when it comes to scarves.

    Your thoughts ?
  2. I see nothing wrong with it at all!!! GO FOR IT!
  3. Oh an Hermes pochette would look lovely on your YSL, Kallie! Just beautiful! I think you should definately go for it.....I love mixing things up, too.......
  4. And here's a trick I learned from Crochetbella's Ultimate DH....also check out Neiman's mens department....in the tie section they'll have pocket squares (same as pochettes) and sometimes they have a better selection than Hermes!!!!
  5. I use one on my Edith just to add some color.
  6. :yes: Go for it! I do it all the time with my Coach and LV bags. They look great with pocket squares or twillys or scarves. And yes check out NM!! Much better selection. I like how they still have some of the older styles too. :flowers:
  7. Go for it!
  8. I've done it with LV bags and it's really chic and cute!
  9. Wow, thanks, guys, for your help. I feel better about it now!! The Altanta Hermès store is the closest one to me and they were kind enough to email me pics of a gorgeous chocolate Bolide (TDF!) with a choice of several pocket squares tied on it. None of the ones they sent have "hit" me as perfect so far, so I will check with N-M, also. Thanks so much!
  10. Orange looks really good with brown. Here's a couple of mine.
    81E1EEF9-D6FA-C90E-A8263F67D77A8F2B.jpg th_DSCN0806.jpg
  11. I agree, H! Orange and brown is definitely a yummy combo! I love your zebra pochette. I think that's the nicest colourway too with the blue and orange. I would love that in the full scarf!:love:
  12. I think it would look great!! It is definitely OKAY by me to mix designers and I have used my Hermes scarves on LV , Prada and balenciaga bags!! I say go for it!!
  13. Orange and brown was exactly what I was looking for!! The Atlanta Hermès boutique sent me 4 pics of pocket squares but none are "it"... They also included the twilly that crochetbella posted and I'm thinking that that might be a good choice. I had not seen it tied... only on the site.... it looks a lot better tied than flat.
  14. Thanks Serenity! I loooove the zebras. I think it was my first pocket square. :love: Here are a couple more that I think would look great Kallie...
    th_DSCN0846.jpg 383C2985-9F7A-7443-CD2B296696439088.jpg
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