Hermes Scarf Lovers' Kama Sutra -- Illustrated Edition!!!

  1. Because even the greatest lovers need an instruction manual from time to time...

    All this talk about scarves and how to wear them always sends me back to the books (the Carre or Playtime with Your Scarf) to find some new 'formule' for wearing mine. In conjunction with other great scarf threads, such as Rose's 'Which Scarf/Pointu/Pochette are you wearing today?' (, with this thread as an interactive mini-instruction manual, I hope we can all explore the different ways to wear these beautiful works of art by posting the book illustration and finished result. When I was first getting the hang of wearing the carres, the Playtime book was never enough; it was always more useful to see as many other people's methods in practice as possible.

    No need to go in any particular order, just jump right in with:

    (1) the Playtime instructions, if possible and/or Formula #, and
    (2) your pic

    To get us going, here's one formula that I've been using for so long, it's become more of a personal habit.

    Formula 230 (or, as I like to think of it: the Lazy Twist)


    (Les Toits de Paris in cream)

  2. Superb gina_b, what a genius thread!!!
  3. OOHH I haven't tried it that way. Looks great Gina! Thanks for posting!
  4. ooh i was wondering how to do that one! love it!
  5. Love it, thanks Gina!
  6. Ok....this is a great thread!!!! I was just twiddling around with my new "Red Berries" scarf and threw it down in complete frustration....but I LOVE this double twist with the knot in the back. Very, very nice!!!!
  7. I love the way your scarf looks, Gina B! Thanks for posting it.
  8. Great thread, Gina! I NEED all the help I can get! I LOVE scarves but don't know how to tie them properly! Hopefully, this will educate me!:yes:
  9. More Gina more.....
  10. Here's one of my favorites: the ascot. I had to look on the internet for instructions so I don't have a # for it, sorry!

    "Ascots invoke images of old Hollywood and a royal day at the races. This hybrid of a tie and scarf is a rare sight these days, one that will surely bring attention to those who dare to wear it."


  11. oooohh lovin' this thread sooo far!! GREAT IDEA GINA!!! I only have one scarf and am terribly dense at tying them!!! This will help tremendously!!! KEEP THEM COMING LADIES!!!
  12. beautiful guys!! You make it look so easy.
  13. loving this! :popcorn:
  14. LOVE THE ASCOT!!!! Sorry for yelling; it just looks so classy.
  15. Ooooo, What a FUN thread!! Thanks for starting this GINA!!:yes: