Hermes Scarf ID?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I picked this up today at a Lake Tahoe thrift store. I have done some reading, and can't seem to find anyting about it that would lead me to believe it's a fake. Can you tell me the title, date, etc?

    Lori (Clueless in Carson City)

  2. Gastronomie is the name....not sure of the date.
  3. The first issue was in 1963
  4. Wow--what a find!!!! You actually have a very special scarf for collectors--he special issue of Gastronomie that was done in 1965 to celebrate the anniversary (200th, I think) of Hennessy Cognac. Note that the scarf says "Hennessy" on the bottom left which the regular Gastronomie design does not have. The artist is Christiane Vauzelles.
  5. Oops-double-post.
  6. What a special find that was! YAY!
  7. wow, what a very special scarf.. I like it....congrats...
  8. It's making me hungry.
  9. ^^yes, lobster and shrimpies please!
  10. please do not post things for sale
  11. Such a beautiful scarf and what a wonderful find. I wish you much luck on the sale.
  12. What a terrific find. Hoping for sales success for ya.
  13. ***
  14. How fun. Love those great finds. GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. WOW, what a great scarf! I love it :heart:

    Wear it well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.