Hermes Scarf from Bluefly

  1. I'm so pleased! This came with it's Hermes scarf box too which was a big plus. I had a credit at Bluefly, used a 15% discount code too and these scarves were actually priced less than retail (Bluefly "fibs") so it was a great deal. Most of what I've bought from there goes back but this one is a keeper and a great color I'll wear. :love:

    It's orange/brown/white
  2. Great buy and great color! Congrats!
  3. Great buy! Love the colors! Post pics when you wear it.
  4. That's a really cool looking scarf, and it's the Hermes orange as well ! Congrats ! :biggrin:
  5. Great buy. I love that design!!
  6. Oh congrats! I'm glad it came with the box too! I ordered one last week and it should be here soon! Can't wait to get mine too!
  7. Very cute scarf. Its sort of a classic, yet modern Hermes design. I'm glad that it came with the box too.
  8. Very cool scarf. Lately, I've been buying everything in orange!
  9. It's Beautiful
  10. How beautiful :love: Congrats!
  11. Yes, it is lovely and a great buy for you.
  12. I love it!
  13. What do you mean bluefly fibs? Is it less than retail? Sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet. LOL.
    BTW: great buy and way to use all your "free stuff" from bluefly. I have a free shipping coupon I'm waiting to use. Still haven't won a purse. Shucks!
  14. That scarf is very pretty! Enjoy!
  15. This was less than retail which amazed me. Bluefly "fibs" about retail prices by inflating original price, so the "discount" price ends up too close to retail.