Hermes Scarf Event and some Cheese!

  1. Hey Ladies (and Gents),

    I was invited to a Scarf Event in Amsterdam yesterday and had a wonderful time. Champagne and nibbles were served as a French Hermes Scarf Specialist taught us all many different ways to tie and wear our scarves. We learnt the Friendship Knot (which I've forgotten), different Belts, Halter Tops (not happening), Do-Rags and loads of other ways to tie around the neck. Once we'd tied our own they had a professional photographer take our picture which we got to bring home.

    Here's my cheesy pic:


    We had to do these poses...thank God I wasn't the person with a Headscarf on doing a Gangsta pose - killed myself laughing at the girl who did this.

    My SA is such a SWEETIE!!!! She took me aside and asked me if I was ready for my Birkin as she "heard" that it "might" be in next week. Oh Goodie, goodie, goodie, goodie! I had to drink some Champagne to calm myself down. LOL.

    So, a great day was had yesterday. Lots of personal attention and lots of fun!

    Thanks for reading :flowers:
  2. awesome pic! ya look like a natural.

    getting excited for you! which birkin is this? sometimes i wish you could get updates on your order like, the handles are getting stitched on, the hardware is glued on, etc. like you can i hear with bmws (one of my friends got email updates on his car when it was getting assembled).

  3. Cal, gorgeous photo! Are you going to frame it?

    Btw, your posts are always so much fun to read, it's always a good laugh :yes: I've really enjoyed all of them.

    Betcha you're excited about getting your birkin next week, don't forget to post the pics! :woohoo:
  4. You look so gorgeous!

    Do you have in mind what Birkin they have for you? Please keep us posted.
  5. Thanks Ladies! The Birkin they're expecting is a 35 Black Togo with Palladium - it's my first one so I ordered something that I would get tonnes of use out of.

    Airmess - I was thinking of framing it at some point and hanging it in my wardrobe :yes:. Or, I could hanging it on the back of the toilet door for people to look at!
  6. Gorgeous pic Cal, you look fantastic! Glad you had a great time.
  7. Cal, you look every bit the scarf model! :yes:
  8. Oh Cal, hang it in your wardrobe ... what a wonderful way to get dressed in the morning. :yes:
  9. Cal, you beautiful gal you!!! You look so classy and well, stunning! For a moment there I thought that was an official Hermes promotional catalogue, and I was going in my head, "Hey, where's mine??" Lol! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    Ooh, congrats on the Birkie news! Can't wait till your black beauty arrives. Btw, this is not the one you ordered in Feb's podium, is it? If it is, then it's darn FAST!:nuts:

    ps. I would've laughed myself silly too if I saw that gangsta pose.:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Gorgeous! So which issue of La Monde are you going to be in??

    LOL, like Serenity Now, for a moment there, I was thinking - OMG that's Cal on the cover of the new H mag!
  11. Cal, you look fantastic. I'd love to go to a scarf event and get some tips and help tying scarves. Please do some pics with the different knots that you can remember and post in the kama sutra thread...please.

    Exciting news about your Birkin, look forward to hearing all about it.
  12. Thanks Ladies, I've honestly forgotten most of what they taught us...went in my eyeballs, dodged the Champagne bubbles, by-passed my brain and went out of my ears! LOL

    Yep, it is my February Podium order Serenity - very fast!
  13. WOW, Cal - You look dy-no-mite!! What a lovely thing for them to do. It sounds like a wonderful time, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see that birkin. You must be jumping out of your skin! :wlae:
  14. Cal, you look great and love the scarf and the pose!
  15. LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth, I really thought it was a new scarf magazine that I have not seen!