Scarves Hermès scarf colors

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  1. Major thanks to sdsurfchick for directing me to this link!

    Please feel free to add, correct etc. I am no expert here but this is a fabulous site all the way 'round; play with it.

    Again, thanks sdsurfchick!
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. Try playing around on this site. NestGirl, I was looking for the "bordeaux" in the "Tous les Bateaux du Monde" and came up with this interactive look at bordeaux and its relatives:

    Click on any square to see a large color sample, and its "index" #...
  4. Oh my gosh this is fantastic! Thank you SO much for posting.:woohoo:
  5. You and I may be the only ones who ever look at this thread, but I am endlessly fascinated! Check out the Chartreuse in the other Tous les Bateaux. In the photo it looks very yellow...
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  7. Frou-Frou, The article on Bali Barret was sublime.....thank you for sharing it!
  8. Fascinating article!
  9. [​IMG]
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    And for our book shelf, a reference to the oft cited Bali article on colors - worth a read - took a bit to access the whole article
    The color notebook photos are awesome - tedious to scroll through
    There used to be a site with all the florid color names that no one has heard of. But my link no longer works and IMHO Hermes is now gravitating away from the exotic names and going back to basics - vert not arnica and pink not fragole.
    I think the curt names are necessitated by the addition of the scan box on the laminated tags - less room for verbiage and heck, there is usually nmo room for the 3rd color name anymore for scarves so shorter is better
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  12. I kinda like the color names, and they are all in the site:

    This is probably the site you are referencing, MT. I got it from sdsurfchick a long time ago, and have used it extensively since, especially the Chromatic listings. The site is very "deep" and I don't go there unless I have a lot of time, lol!

    BTW: I distilled down the colors grabbed from the fashion/clothes F/W mini-show for women. Here they are, more or less...

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  13. Favorite CW

    and here is a breakdown (not exactly Hermès colors) of the pantone colors:
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