Hermes scarf color help

  1. Hi everyone (well, whoever decides to read this post)!:yes: I mainly read and post in the Chanel/LV/Fendi/Gucci forums and am new here, however, I did read the amazing Your Hermes in Action thread, and each of you look amazing with your gorgeous bags! An H bag is not within my price range, however, I think an Hermes scarf is very classy and would look beautiful with many other bags I do have. I really like this print, and know that Hermes is known for its gorgeous vibrant orange, and want to know, which do you ladies like better? I usually wear warmer tones, and look good in browns, creams, corals, etc., and my hair color is dark brown with reddish gold highlights. Here is the link:
    In the orange!
    In the green!

    With many things, (I'm picturing a great trench and some fab Chanel shades) I know this will look amazing... any input is appreciated, as you all seem to have great style and taste!:yes: Thanks!!

  2. I love it in all the colorways but I think I will buy this in the orange. Thanks for posting it. I love Hermes scarves.
  3. This is a fabulous scarf IRL! The color-way that I saw was the black ground and it is astonishing! The colors are brilliant! I saw is worn on another PF'r just this past week-end and it was gorgeous!!!
  4. I love it too!:love:
  5. That was me. Thanks, Shopmom! I think the orange would work best with your coloring. The green is very vibrant and IMO would work best with someone with my coloring, black hair, brown eyes, olive coloring. In case you're wondering, I've tried the green in the store and it was flattering to my skin tone, but chose the black instead because it would get more use with my wardrobe.
  6. Your coloring sounds similar to mine. I have this scarf in orange, and it looks gorgeous with everything I've put next to it.

    Enjoy your first scarf purchase. You'll find they're pretty addictive!
  7. Green, especially a vibrant green, can be really tough to "fit". W/ your GORGEOUS coloring (like mine :smile: I'd recommend the Orange.

    If you can get to an "H" boutique, I'd also recommend going to ...erm..."Tie one on."

    Oh yeah, I went there :smartass:
  8. i'm going to buck the trend and suggest the green -- i LOVE chartreuse to add a little zing and contrast to almost any wardrobe. also, i think there are other scarves that hermes does better in orange, and at the beginning of your collection you probably won't be duplicating colors and i'd want to get hermes orange at its very best. JMHO, of course.
  9. Orange! :yahoo: It sounds like we have similiar coloring and I wear all of my orange scarves the most.
  10. Orange! Unless you get a chance to try on the green, I think that's a hard green to pull off for some colorings.
  11. I'll second that! I was wondering what scarf HG was wearing!!! The green with the black background really popped and it WAS gorgeous!

    Note to self - must try on more scraves! :rolleyes:
  12. both links show me the green version... i'd choose the orange one. :biggrin:
  13. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your advice! I didn't mention that I have a very deep olive skintone (I'm Indian), so I think I can wear that green color (I generally can pull off lots of color), but I still don't know which to get!
  14. was the black ground with all the lime green details! It was just gorgeous! I think Grands Fonds bought the exact same color-way!!!!
  15. ^yep! I have the black and I LOVE it!!!!