hermes scarf boxes

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  1. i am missing quite a few hermes scarf boxes due to usually not having enough room in my suitcase! if i ask at the hermes store next time i purchase a scarf, for an extra box, are they willing or allowed to do this?

    i just bought a scarf ring and i wish i asked for a scarf box instead as i know the silk needs to be kept out of light or it will yellow....i know i can use other boxes but it is just not the same as a perfect little orange home!

    any suggestions would be helpful! thanks!
  2. There are some threads about this, if you do a quick search. Different people have had different experiences. I know that they don't typically give out bag boxes, but I think some people have had some success with scarf boxes.
  3. Please do a search; this has come up previously. Thanks.
Thread Status:
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