Hermes Scarf book

  1. I'm considering getting this book since I am not good at tying scarves. Are there different versions? What about the Hermes playbook? I bought some scarf ring for the twillys I have, does the scarf book have information about that too? I'm trying to look for pictures of someone wearing the twilly and scarf ring.

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. I have two different versions, and the ones you get with the plisse scarves.......I also have the tribord scarf rings for the twilly, but can't figure out how to use them yet!!!! (tribord twilly rings not featured in any of my carre books)
  3. I am not sure if we are talking about the same book, but, if it is the small square one, that shows how to tie/wear scarves, I think those are given free if you buy some scarves, and they have them in stock, and if you ask for one.
  4. ^that's the ones I'm talking about...honu - is that what you're after????
  5. I *think* that's what I'm talking about...when I bought my scarves a long time ago, they never gave me a book! :crybaby: I would love to have the scarf book to learn how to tie my regular sized scarves. How do I go about getting one? I haven't bought anything from the Hermes store in a long time. I ordered my tribord rings and twilly from the site. If anyone has any advice on using the tribord rings with my twillys, I really appreciate it! . :flowers:
  6. these? I have three versions - Two different ones on hardback, one in softcover........
  7. I'd love ideas on the tribord rings, too!! (but they're SO cute!).......I'd just pop into Hermes and ask for one of the books - they're free.....I've always been given them with scarf purchases, but they will give one to you if you ask, I'm sure!
  8. You can download the pdf version of "Playtime with your scarf" from the Hermes website. If you have trouble downloading it or can't find it, I can send it to you via email.
  9. hello2703: Thanks for letting me know about the PDFs! I downloaded them. I would also love a book, I'm intimidated by asking people at Hermes for one since I didn't buy any of my scarves there :shame:

    If anyone has any tips on using the tribord, please let me and Kristie.F know!
  10. Why don't you bring one of your scarves in and tell them that it was a gift, you don't know how to tie it, and you'd love a book? Really I'm sure they don't bite.
  11. What's a tribord?

    Also, about the books: you often see them advertised on eBay, mostly 2002 edition. Are these books any different to the Playtime with your scarf that you can download and are there different scarf tying tricks in different editions?

    @honu: I've never been given a book either, I thought you get more "freebies" the more you buy in one go and I've been a scarf-per-pop girl so far. Let's be BOLD and ask for those booklets next time!
  12. Hi Honu, Kristie,

    There are many ways to use the tribord ring & twillys. It's really fun..You can see a pic of how I use my tribord ring & twilly here :flowers:

    Sometimes I'd also use a twilly & tribord ring as watch strap on my barenia watch. I'll try to post a pic soon..
  13. I agree with winternight to just bring a scarf and go to the store and ask for the book.
  14. Gigi, what a terrific way to wear the twilly. I will have to be a copycat!
  15. Gigi, I have the same Chain D'Ancre twilly as you do! :tender:

    Thanks for the picture, I have to try to use my tribord like that. Did you learn from the Hermes store or did you have a book?