Hermes Scarf Book

  1. I want to thank Razorbackbelle for bestowing upon on me the honor of being the winner of her Hermes Scarf Book Raffle. I received it today and I love it. It's FANTASTIC. I am quite sure that I will get a great deal of joy and pleasure from reading this book. Upon reading this book, I hope to be a scarf tying expert. Thanks so much Razorbackbelle.:heart::heart:

    Also included in with the book was a treat for me!!! A starbucks giftcard!! How did you know that I'm a starbuck's junkie. I need my sb fix everyday. Thank you so very much for including that. It was very kind and thoughtful of you. :tup::tup:
    th_IMG_1064.jpg th_IMG_1065.jpg th_IMG_1068.jpg th_IMG_1067.jpg
  2. Looking forward to your scarf action pics Mree!

    RRB - what a sweetie you are :tpfrox:
  3. :yahoo: Can't wait to see your awesome scarf stylings!