Hermes a top?

  1. my Hermes SA keeps telling me the scarves look good as tops.

    I told her I do not like backless things..I imagine it looks like a backless halter.

    she said wear a black or white tank...under.

    I imagine this being fab.

    has anyone done this or have pics?

    I want to go in and see but I just bought that birkin and yesterday a runway top and natural barenia I do not want to go in and get another big bill!

    let me know! thanks! :heart::yahoo:
  2. If I'm successful in locating the pink/fuchsia Gloria Soli colorway scarf, I am planning on wearing that as a top with a tank under. I feel too self-conscious to do the whole halter top thing. Another option is to wear it like a haltertop but with a jacket over it.
  3. thanks! she told me about the jacket but I think a tank would be better.

    I would love to see pics guys :smile:
  4. Guccigal, there's a picture in their scarf-tying booklet on their website.

    Pink Silk Scarves on

    If that doesn't work try:

    Click on women, scarves, then click on playtime with your scarves, and the photo is in the "1st part download" as a PDF file
  5. ok great! thanks. I just can't picture how to tie it.

    but I like the idea of a white or black tank under!
  6. okay its on there thanks! I didn't realize that the top would be so short!
  7. Madonna wore a La Vie du Cheval as a halter / shirt in the movie flop that was directed by her husband - can't remember the name - Swept Away ? - there may be some publicity photos of that on the web
  8. I do it occasionally - the plisses work very well as tops.
  9. does it fit short on looks from the website....that its shows your stomach a bit?

    sexy on here!

    how does it look with a tank?


    thanks all!
  10. I've worn my red mousseline shawl (bigger than the normal scarf) as a top with a red tank top underneath. I went to Hermès and showed them and we all liked it.
  11. Have a look on the Gucci threads you will see a photograph of a Gucci scarf worn as a top it is gorgeous!
  12. ^^^
    I was just going to post that!

    Does the Hermes scarf look bunchy in the front when worn? I don't know if I could pull it off because I have a small bust and waist, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be fitted enough, KWIM?
  13. Yes it is possible, but you have to be the right body type. Mostly not too endowed on the top half and being slim helps. You have to remember that unless you do a Carrie Sex in the City thing with the bra showing, you are braless. You have to decide if you are comfortable with this. I suppose you could wear a strapless, tie the scarf and never take off your jacket:smile: Another alternative is the stick on bra. Again, those don't work well with endowed girls.
  14. sometimes it just pays to have no tits....never thought I'd say that!