Hermes scarf artists

  1. hi there,

    Does anybody know how the artists get picked to design a scarf for H? Are there certain criteria they have to meet? Do they have to be known artists? Have any scarf designs been rejected and somehow came onto the market illegally? Got any good stories behind the design of certain scarves?....

    Just curious that's all....
  2. I would like to know more about this too! I´ve gotten the picture that they tend to use an artist they like for long periods of time like Annie Faivreau and the Rybaltchenko´s.
  3. Well, I know they chose Kermit Oliver because Msr. Hermes liked his work. We need to page Grands Fonds for this one. She's a penpal with one of the artists. GF, paging GF!!! Your presence is required on this thread.
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    I'm here!

    OK, all I know is, many people (working artists, usually) apply to Hermes with a design, and then are selected, and some of these (many in fact) are "kept on" by Hermes.

    There are many great stories behind the artists. Did you know that the very famous Kermit Oliver was originally a postman (who was very good at drawing) and his son attempted suicide, so he moved from the United States back home (where I can't recollect, but I believe it was somewhere in South America - hence all the indians!) to be with his son, quit his job as a postman, and began designing for Hermes...and the story goes from there!

    Annie Faivre has always worked as an artist, and studied Fine Arts,but as a young girl worked at some of the fashion houses in Paris, in particular, a large silk manufacturer "Calisti".
    Around 30 years ago she was "picked up" by Hermes and has been with them ever since. Her nickname amongst her family was "little monkey", and thus she began incorporating a tiny little monkey into her designs, many of which yo can find on her Hermes scarves. Some earlier ones don't have the monkey - "Kimonos et Inros" for example. She is most widely known for her designs "Grands Fonds" and "Rencontre Oceane" ("Great Depths" and "Meeting of Oceans"). She is now a Grandmother (still working for Hermes) and lives in France.

    I'll post more stories later if you like.
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  6. excellent info gf, post more please!
  7. WINI - (wantitneedit, I'm gonna call you "Winnie" from now on!), Hermes sends out a brief to it's artists around 24 months beforehand detailing the theme of the year (this year as you know is Year Of The Dance, next year, Year Of India) so the can research their designs. Most designs are not just random, a lot of thought and research goes into it all. Hermes have been known to take their artists all over the world to study their theme - which is then submitted to Hermes. They choose around 12 designs a season (I believe - someone correct me if I'm wrong) and sometimes a re-issue or two. Then it can take up to 12 months to produce the scarf, from takling the artists design to a "printable" meduim, to the ladies that do the custom colouring for all the different colourways to the rouletesses, who roll all the edges and stitch by hand.
  8. You can submit a design to Hermes yourself, only we don't know the theme two years out like the other artists do!

    There is always an equine scarf in every collection.
  9. omg, i love hearing about these things....the artists are maturing along with the company, a marriage made in heaven! I'd love to be a fly on the wall. drinking in the process, and the passion.
    go ahead and call me winnie, slightly tamer than my other nicknames!...
  10. well, has anybody here tried to submit their design? wouldn't that be great?

    more info, gimme more!!!!!
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    Imagine having your OWN design on your neck. Whoa.
  12. ^^ Yep. It would be great, wouldn't it?
  13. Grands Fonds,
    How long has Hermes been doing an annual theme? Has it always been that way for the scarves? Thanks! Your info is amazing.
  14. I know that the 'Bolduc' was designed by Msr. Dumas Hermes. I'm just wondering if there is any other design that was designed by him?
  15. THanks for this! Interesting to know. ^_^