Hermes... says the fortune cookie!!

  1. UPS is on it's way to me TOMORROW!!! :wtf::yahoo:

    Last week DH and I went to an H store. I have been waiting months for my birthday present so we made it a point to get to H before our summer gets any busier!

    We started out with a client lunch (ok, so we had a little business that day) and at the end, we all got our fortune cookies... everyone's was eerily exactly what they wanted. But mine made my jaw drop. I swear I'm not making this up. The back of my fortune had my lucky numbers and one word - "orange".

    Soooo off to H we go. My fav S.A. is on vacation so my DH and I walked up to a very open, friendly looking S.A. and introduced ourselves. Then we walked around. DH has been in H before, but never with me. It was fun.

    We checked out CDC bracelets, but he was not a fan (although the S.A. and I absolutely loved them) and the Midi Watch, which we all liked but I didn't really feel I need. I was lost in bracelets for a while when DH laughed and asked to see wallets. It was, after all, why we were there. :rolleyes:

    Okay, I swear I have seen every wallet in the Alaska store. That poor S.A. lol I had narrowed it down to a Zip Agenda since I liked the length and the fact that I could have a checkbook fit instead of an agenda refill (the S.A. had never seen that and she thought it was very useful) and since we were having fun she showed us lots of accessories, including the famed 3 card bus. holder (that Esquire mag dubbed the sexiest condom holder ever!) and DH even found some accessories!

    I loved the croc wallets, though, and asked if the sweet S.A. could check around for a croc Vision Zip, and while she called around we looked at RTW, home stuffs, and bags. Did you know there is a new H dog bed? It looks like a bassinet. Charming, but I hardly trust my dog anyway. Hehe no thanks!

    Sorry no croc Vision Zips. Anywhere in the US, much less Alaska. DH looks at me and asks if I wanted to see any of the bags before we left. Of course, I said yes... so I played with a few. They had lots of Evelyns, a drag, a new bag they reissued from an old style that was so structured and adorable (and the name completely skips my mind), a couple Kellys, and a 30cm vert anise ostrich Birkin a gal bought while I was there. All gorgeous.

    He asked me what I liked about each bag and joked around with the S.A. while I admired and snuck a sniff here and there :shame: Eventually, he asked if I would go look at scarves so he could speak with the S.A. in private. Of course I would... and I shouldn't have, because I fell in love with a few but I digress.

    When he came back with a tall skinny bag I knew he had gotten the pretty Blue Jean Vision Agenda wallet. Lots of kisses and thank yous, It was gorgeous. I loved it! When we got to the parking lot he told me to expect a package this week... then casually got in the car. I sat down a bit stunned. What did you get? A surprise, he said, grinning. Happy Birthday.

    He called me from work this morning and said the S.A. called him and told him to expect it tomorrow morning. No tracking number, cause he knew I would be home tomorrow anyways and he didn't want me to obsess. As if that were possible...

    He said he has no doubt I'll love it! But is it the miel croc CDC, the Midi watch, a croc wallets (of all kinds), an Evelyn, a Kelly, or something he had them search for? Arrrrrch surprises always kill me!! :push::push::push:
    VZAclosed.jpg VZAopen.jpg
  2. Fabulous! Happy Birthday, Angelfish. And I can't wait till tomorrow to see what he got you!
  3. Happy Birthday! I will definitely check out again soon on what you have received. Surely you will love whatever you will get as it's from your DH!

    P.S. I've once received a Hermes key chain from my DH on V day, but I didn't quite like it and immediately went back to Hermes store with him, and exchanged for a Hermes necklace, I am so bad.
  4. Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait to see what your sweet and thoughtful DH bought for you!!!!
  5. Congrats on your new agenda and can't wait to see your new treat! What a thoughtful DH you have!!
  6. Happy Birthday!! Beautiful purchase and I can't wait to see your new bag!!
  7. woohooo!! LOVE the wallet! cant wait to see what else you're getting!
  8. MrsS: thank you!! My birthday is kinda belated... it was a couple months ago but I had to wait for DH and I to have time to make it to a store!!
    Diamond Lover: LoL thats why I wanted him to go with... I told him I valued his opinion and he stopped dead and said you don't have the exact stuff you want already picked out in your head??
    Moviegirl: me too... :nuts:
    NinjaSue: Thanks girl, he's very thoughtful but he's come a long way, too. He teased me with the Talking Heads song "How did I get here" last night :push: hehe
    RockerChic: It MIGHT be a new bag... it might be a CDC!! And of course, it has a lot to do with how much I love that bit of stunning CDC candy on your arm! He thought it was a little striking, I said that's why I like it :graucho:
    Hlfnn: Thanks. I picked the Vision, he picked the colour. He knows I only like light coloured accesories, so I was pleased he picked Blue Jeans over the other neutrals :heart:
  9. So exciting! The suspense is killing me! Happy Birthday and that agenda is lovely!
  10. :party:Happy Birthday, Angelfish. :party:

    Can't wait to see your birthday present!
  11. Happy Birthday Angelfish!!!!

    Your new agenda is beautiful!! A great idea for the checkbook.
    Can't wait to see what is in the orange box tomorrow:tup:
  12. Wow! What a wonderful story!! I loved reading it and can't wait until tomorrow to find out what the surprise is!!! Oh and congrats on your beautiful new agenda.
  13. Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! As if the bleu jean wallet isn't great enough, I can't wait to find out what the surprise might be!
  14. Happy birthday and wow, what an amazing husband!!! Can't wait to see your new present!!!
  15. Happy Belated Birthday! Lovely wallet! :heart: I too can't wait for your present from your DH :sneaky: He's good at surprises! hahaha :lol: I am going to bed now ... it's midnight over this part of Alaska :sleepy: