Hermes SA's

  1. I thought it might be fun to start a thread about your experience with Hermes SA's. Who to avoid, who to ask for, recommended SA's, etiquette with your SA, etc.

    I really like :heart:Roya and Haleh and the craftsman [woman]:heart: at the Hermes in Beverly Hills. I don't like Derek at the SCP Hermes.

    Also, I had a question....

    There's this 'friend' who claims that an SA in the Vancouver Canada Hermes store is holding a JPG Birkin in black with g/h for her for 48 hours. This sounds like ******** to me.:yucky: She's purchased little more than a pair of shoes and a bracelet or two from the store. Why would they do that for her? I thought that seemed impossible. Am I wrong??
  2. Which one is Derek? *sweatdrop* I need to learn all of their names ...

    With regards to the "friend's" story, it IS possible. I've heard similar stories like that as well. it really is a matter of luck and if you strike a rapport with the SA or if they just happen like you, it CAN happen
  3. He's very tall, white, slicked back hair.
  4. ^^ Kou.. sweatdrop?? is there a story behind it? lol

    Croissant.. i think its possible too.. ive had a bag on hold for 3days in dubai boutique.. it depends on your relationship with the SA.
  5. Nah, no stories. But I use "*sweatdrop*" sometimes because that's what anime characters have on the back of their heads when they realized they've forgotten something, or don't know something. Kind of like a "oops or duh" kind of thing.
  6. I'll have a positive experience with an SA one time, and the next time, they'll act like I'm something the cat dragged in. So I think you just have to catch the SAs on a good day. Generally very good experiences at SCP. Derek is a little distant, but he's fairly knowledgeable.
  7. Plus, it DEFINITELY helps when you walk into the store carrying something H. That's always an icebreaker. I'm convinced that's what helped me get the Birkin in Chicago, since apparently they don't even like to sell Birkins to out-of-towners there.
  8. That's my experience too in SF, one time they are nice the next, not so much! Except for Jose...he's always nice. DH always has good experiences at SCP.:flowers:
  9. He's got dark hair, right? If so, I think I know which one is Derek. Never actually dealt with him before ... might've talked to him on the phone once. Can't remember ...
  10. quick question from a newbie - what is SCP?

    Thanks! Jeni
  11. South Coast Plaza. It's like Disneyland for High end shoppers in Orange County! :smile:
    Imagine a huge mall with:
    Hermes [clothes too!]
    Chanel [yes, & clothes]
    Chanel Fine Jewlery
    Chloe [ the only boutique on the West coast ]
    Tiffany & Co.
    Van Cleef & Arpels
    La Perla
    Louis Vuitton [they carry clothes too]
    etc etc etc
    And if you feel like taking a break, you can get some crepes or panini's, go browse the Hello Kitty Store, take a peek in Z Gallerie or Pottery Barn..I mean, you can literally spend about 10 hours there without a problem!!
    I live minutes away from Rodeo Drive but enjoy driving the long trip to South Coast Plaza because it's so much fun.
  12. This isn't really about SA's per se, but I'm too lazy to search for the proper thread so I'll just post it here. If anyone is annoyed by this, feel free to let me know.

    If any of you are familiar with the store Maxfield in Los Angeles [haha this place is dangerous. I could easily drop $80,000 here in one visit]
    you know they have an AMAZING:nuts: vintage Hermes collection. About 4 big glass display cases full. Shelves upon shelves of wonderful history. A library or museum, really. Everything from Kelly bags, one honey colored croc Birkin in I think 30cm [still there] to horse brushes and watches, clocks and jewelery. My Gosh. Anyway, I had enquired about a black 35cm Birkin with gold hardware in Togo and they had it available in storage. Brand new. Would you like to know how much Maxfield is charging for it?

    Take a breathe ladies.....

    $19,000 :wtf::wtf::throwup::throwup::rant::rant:
    FOR A TOGO 35CM BIRKIN. ahahaaaa.

    They charge about $9k for a beat up box calf Kelly in I believe 32cm.
    That lovely croc Birkin? $49,000 [no diamonds]

    Let's compare to retail, shall we?

    Togo 35cm= about $7500 plus tax
    Kelly 32cm= about $5400 plus tax [brand new]
    Crocodile 30cm= about $20,000+ plus tax

    Talk about being greedy to make a profit! I still love the store, though. :love:
  13. Thanks for the translation, Croissant! :yes:
  14. Do you shop at Maxfield often? I went in there once, alone, and it had a vibe that didn't feel like a store, but more like a museum, and the SA to client ratio seemed really high. It's such a contrast to the stores down the street (on Robertson), like Kitson and Vionnet...anyway, I have to admit that they did have great clothing selection. At the time, I wasn't into Hermes, so I totally missed the Hermes displays:shame:
  15. The SAs at Beverly Hills are usually OK, but you can easily tell when a "favorite" is there because 2-5 of them seem to fawn over him/her (usually a her) when they walk in, and then it'll be hard to get help. However, I usually come in not too long after opening on Thursdays, when it's not busy, and I can always find help at that time.

    At SCP, I had good service with Derek and Lauren (Derek sold me my tri-color Kelly, and Lauren sold me my Bearn). Lauren is bubbly and young, so she seems to be more enthusiastic than the others. I recommend we stay away from Marian. She was nice that one time she helped me with RTW, but right before I left, she totally questioned me on where I bought my Birkin, like she suspected me of something. Then...she calls me like 3 weeks later asking if I wanted to buy the coat. I told her "I'd think about" when I saw her. I remember specifically saying that I liked it, but couldn't buy it at the time, and not to hold it for me at all. I reminded her of what I told her, then she abruptly said, "So you're not gonna buy it?" I said no, not at that time, then she hung up immediately. She was there when I went in with a fellow PFer last night, and she coldly glanced at me (I think she may have recognized me), then looked away.