Hermes San Francisco

  1. Hi as my DH is looking to the other coast to live... and I might have a say in that too... it may just close to a Hermes store... What are your experiences with the SF store ?
  2. Oh dear..........You mean the "store that has nothing"? I think this is for a PM. LMAO!!!!!!!
  3. :lol: It's getting better under the new manager. :tup: But there's definitely H stores with more out there.
  4. I like the staff! It can be tough to find things--but, with a great SA it gets easier!
  5. I know this topic can get S'Mom a little excited. :lol:But I got my etoupe birkin there, and I LOVE it
  6. I didn't have the BESt experience there when I went.
  7. Oh I didn't knew that was the store with nothing :smile: ... DH is thinking about sort of retiring... and ofcourse the weather in California is very tempting:smile:... it is though another 6 hours away from my country... another option would be Hawaii... gorgeous.. BUT even further...
  8. And I did went to SF when I was pregnant from my oldest (about 6 years ago) for a roadtrip to San Diego and I LOVED SF.. reminded me so much of Holland.
  9. H SF is my "home" store as well. I've actually only been in the store once, but I didn't feel as if the SA really wanted to help me. I've called them a few other times and got the same disinterest. Also, when I've asked for various scarves, they never seem to have them.

    However, I absolutely adore SF itself! (But between SF and Hawaii, I would go for Hawaii)
  10. ehh the weather isn't so great right now.
    i'd pick hawaii....some place nice and warm :smile:
  11. Hmm that's is interesting... ;) and what about the NM over there?
  12. Oh I would pick Hawai too... but that would bring me even really far away to just go back to Amsterdam... for a couple weeks. I mean I still have an apartment there which I hoped we would frequently visit... but if it is that far and 2 young kids... that would be too hard...
  13. i visited the SFO store once but that onetime stop luckily assigned me an awesome SA and i'm from out of town. after that visit, i continuously manage to transact business with my SA without any hitch and that's including 2 major bag purchases!
  14. San Francisco is a dull town. H store problems notwithstanding, I don't know anyone that has truly loved living there. It is a fashion vacuum.
  15. I suppose the climate thing is a little thingie here... It is hard for me to deal with the cold in Chicago.. The heath in Philly... (also washington and New York).. Where we are now the winter and spring and autumn are fine but not the summer... But having 2 houses can me cumbersome tooo.... So that's why we think of the SF coast.