Hermes sample/warehouse sale:

  1. Does anyone know if Hermes still has their annual sales? Years ago i remember going to a sale in a hotel in midtown in, New York. I was with a new boyfriend and didn't want to scare him by "jumping in" and didn't buy a thing.

    I was wondering if they still do this.
  2. 2007 sale around the 10th of February
  3. Does Hermes only have sales in NYC or do they have sales in other boutiques in the US?? I'm looking to buy some more pocket squares and twilly's
  4. H outing??
  5. Sounds like a big party coming up! :yahoo: Have fun, ladies!! I wonder if there is such a thing in Asia? :confused1:
  6. Is there a sale in SF???
  7. how about in canada?
  8. I know Dubai store has a sale.... MY SA invited me to it.... It's in Feb.... am sure they have a sale 'cause their atitude stinks n no one wants to buy anything from them!!!!!!!!

  9. You'll have the run of the store and be able to get anything you want:yes:
  10. There is a sale in Bev Hills so I am sure that there will be one at San Fran and SCP.
  11. I want an agenda to match my crocs :p

  12. anyone know?? woo hoooooo sale in Canada is exciting!!!!
  13. I think Toronto H had their sale the day after Christmas..."Boxing Day?".
    My sister-in-law was there then and she said their were tables set up with sale items. It might be still going on.
  14. So true.. with their attitude i don't even want to shop there at all even if they have their products at 70% discount! :yucky:
  15. Wait...wait...Hermes has a SALE??:blink:

    I have to know if they do this in SF...but, if it's only in Beverly Hills...I would fly! Really I would!!

    And since I'm a total "H" SA is going to invite me to have to help me ladies. I fling myself dramatically at your feet and beseech you to keep my informed on the dates/locations of ANY California "H" sale for this year.

    You are my only hope :crybaby:


    Was that too much? It was, wasn't it? Too much. I knew I shouldn't have flung myself...maybe a swoon would have been more effective?