Hermes Sample sale

  1. I know it's this week. Help!! Someone please post info....
  2. Starts Wednesday at 2pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
  3. I would guess this means it's in New York City?
  4. I'm guessing this is in NYC. Oooh, scarves, purses, clothing? Does anyone know what's on sale?
  5. Yeah, it's in NYC. I went last year, not very impressive though.
  6. RTW, scarves, ties, shoes...everything is marked with an S. The discounts aren't as good as they used to be.
  7. They have sample sales????!!! Why can't I live in New York???!!!
  8. Restricter, you are so well informed! Is the Hermes sale worthwhile? Do they require appointments, or do you just show up?
  9. Yes, it is in Manhattan ;)

    No appointments required, though the presale is invite only.

    The sale (which is not a sample sale, technically, as Hermes doesn't do samples) is NOT that great, to be honest. NO bags except the occasional Garden Party. They do have scarves and some small leather goods but everything is marked with a sale stamp--often on the scarves, the stupid sale stamp is done sloppily and bleeds through to the other side of the scarf. The wallets and other small goods are embossed with an S stamp as well (you will see a lot of these on eBay, and I have even seen one seller trying to claim that means special order!! It does not.) There is usually a load of RTW clothing but it is still quite, a sweater marked down from $2800 to $1200 or something, and often a bit shopworn.

    It can definitely be hit or miss, is what I'm saying.
  10. Thanks for the info, Cynthia. I'll pass on that one. What I really want is a BOTTEGA VENETA SAMPLE SALE. I love BV!!
  11. I got good deals last year towards the end of the sale when they gave additional markdowns and picked up some scarves and ties I gave as Xmas gifts. As for clothing, bags and shoes -- not worth going.
  12. Does anyone have the line pass or special wednesday presale invite they would like to share with me?? I'll trade you my extra prada day on thursday 9am?!
  13. Has anyone been to the sale yet?
  14. I think everyone blew it off for Mulberry. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. I have to check my bank balance first.
  15. I am in the sale. Open until 6 today