hermes sample sale

  1. Hermes Sample Sale
    Wednesday, 2/28
    2pm – 8pm

    Thursday, 3/1
    10am – 6pm

    Friday, 3/2
    10am – 6pm

    Saturday, 3/3
    10am – 8pm[/B]
    Metropolitan Pavilion Gallery
    123 West 18th Street
    Gallery - 4th Floor
    (Between 6th and 7th Avenues)
  2. That would be so fun!!
  3. Thanks so much creighbaby!! Great info. I will be there!
  4. Thanks! Do you know what they're selling?
  5. wow... I've never heard about this. I'm so going!
  6. thanks for the info!
  7. whoa, never thought there would be a hermes sample sale!
  8. I'll be in NY at the time...but is it worth it? I hear there are long lines and not that much stuff, no?
  9. I've gone a few times. Be prepared to wait about 2 hours on line. The ones years ago used to have a lot more. The last time I went, there were some shoes and mostly clothes. A few bags (none of the coveted ones). If you could find something you wanted, it was half price, but there wasn't a lot there. I did buy a pair of shoes. I haven't been to any at the Manhattan Pavillion though. It's a larger space than the one they used in the basement on 57th St., though not as large as the space they used on 40th Street when they had the REALLY great sale. I used to be able to pick up a lot of crystal and porcelain at those sales, a hat, ties for DH--I'm not sure the current sales are worth the long lines--although obviously some people think they are or the lines wouldn't be that long--LOL!
  10. I went last year and purchased shoes, scarves, perfume. They had Herbags and canvas totes...prices still pretty high and lines were long. Oh...if you prepared to check your entire handbag and walk around with just your don't bring your best bag.
  11. It actually starts at 10am on the first day but its only open for VIP customers. 2pm onwards is the general entry. At last sale, they had couple of Bearn wallets but it was gone well before the general entry. You can expect lots of canvas bags/scarves/ties and RTW.
  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. Any jewelry?
  14. I wish I was in NY!
  15. No jewelry last year but alot of shoes. Be pair I was about to buy was mismatched...check everything.