Hermes Sample Sale alert (London)

  1. Hello all,

    Hermes is having a sample sale for ws, ms AND accessories at 26 S Molton Lane, Mayfair from 28th June to 1st July.

    I have never been to an hermes sample sale before and am most likely to be going... if anybody wants to come along, give me shout!!!
  2. ^ thanks for the info

    though the last sale there had very few accessories- mainly hats and a solitary wool scarf!

    (great for shoes at 60%off though!!)
  3. Up in Scotland so going to miss it :crybaby:

    (don't suppose you know if Glasgow will be having one this century?)
  4. ah, i'm visiting london at the moment, but am leaving on 28june:sad:.
  5. I''ll be there from about 12 - wearing my purse forum key chain. Not taking the bag though, might be a crush, so a balck and whie lulu guinness instead.
  6. I heard about it too! My SA didn't tell me that accessories would be on sale! Oh well. She said RTW and shoes..
  7. Morning! Ok, I am getting ready to go to the sale. Ill be there about 11.30, so if you see a lady with a bright pink mac and either a brighton Hope to meet someone?
  8. Good luck eveyone on the bargain hunting!
  9. Good luck, let us know if you get something!
  10. Well I went, and I have to say my luck was not in. Lovely boots heavily reduced but not my size. Gloves too small. Shoes too small. Lots of Ready to wear but didnt do it for me.

    No scarves or leather goods....

    The other thing is that they are not getting in any more stock (I wondered if they would refill for tomorrow) so there really wont be a lot left at the end of the day.

    Still I ambled down to Bond St in the sunshine and bought myself something as compensation! I'll post on the main thread a bit later....