Hermes sales

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new here and have been enjoying reading and learning all about Hermes products. I was wondering when the Hermes stores in the US have their sales. It is the same as France, Jan and June? What items go on sale? I'm assuming the RTW clothing, gloves.....but I was wondering if the silk scarves go on sale and which bag styles may be on sale too. I would :heart: to start acquiring more Hermes items. So far I only have one scarf. Thanks in advance for the information.
  2. My SA always calls me to tell me about the private sales. I'm guessing that regular customers get to view the merchandise before they open the sale up to the public (at least that's how it's been handled with me). So far, I've attended three sales, and there's been RTW, scarves and small leather goods at up to 40% off retail. No bags as of yet, but I eagerly await that invite!!!

  3. IIRC, the Hermes sales are March and September.
  4. So there're separate sales for scarves and small leather goods? I was only told of the RTW sale and those occur in August and January ... I'm more interested in small leather goods sale since I don't have use for RTW.
  5. i love H sales! no bags on sale yet but you get discounted RTW, gloves, shoes, shawls. i haven't even seen small leather goods either. my SA usually calls me to preview the presale and pull out stuff i like and they usually charge your card the day the sale actually starts on the rest of the public.
  6. So it's like a presale that they have @ Saks and Neimans....

    I thought I read on one of the members' posts that she bought a Herbag at a sale. Maybe that was the Hermes sale in Paris....
  7. Some photos from a friend taken during the first day of a hermes Fall /winter sale last year at 5:30 am / 7 am... (Salle gaveau Metro Miromesnil)
    no comments.... :flowers:
    img_1923.jpg img_1931_2.jpg img_1933_2.jpg img_1934_2.jpg
  8. There was a Hermes sale last month in the Beverly Hills botique on Rodeo Drive. Picked up several scarves, a herbag and a tie for my dad. There were lots of things on sale and some were even from current season! They also had a lot of canvas totes for 1-300 but were in pretty basic colours...
  9. Whoa! They camped out that early?!:wtf:
  10. Do they always have scarves on sale? I didn't see any at the sales at SCP ...

  11. OMG :yucky:
    I think I would rather pay full price then queue for hours to get in :s
  12. The picture is small...but it explains a lot..!!!

    It reminds me of the day after thxgiving in front of Best Buy...
  13. Lots of Her bags and shawls and scarves, plus small leather goods, at the Paris sales. I go every year as part of my Paris sale season shopping trip and usually am quite satisfied (even if there are no Kellys or Birkins, except a Kelly once in a blue moon), except for this year's summer sale which was a disappointment in terms of shawls and clothes. I usually am able to buy lots of clothes and shoes as well at these sales, but this year I came home empty handed except for one shawl!

    The first day is always the most full, and I overheard some people say they lined up at 5:30 am for 9 am opening, and they were still not the first in line. I myself walked over after an hour at Printemps and I had to wait in line about two hours. I was almost tempted to just leave but each time I made up my mind to do so, it seemed that the line was starting to move and so I stayed on.

    Last year I bought lots of shawls, dresses and shoes; and I thought the pickings were better compared to this year.