Hermes Sales Items

  1. I was just wondering why sellers always specifiy that items "weren't on sale"? When I've sold things on ebay that is a constant question regarding Hermes pieces. What does it really matter if it was on sale? Am I missing something? Any views would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  2. because sale items are usually marked somewhere with an S....also , it might matter to a collector, who doesn't want a sale piece.
  3. Maybe some buyers feel that the seller is making too much of a profit if they're selling something that they had gotten on sale? Some ppl are also a bit wary about the "S" stamp, although as a buyer i don't care if there's an "S" stamp on the item as long as I'm still getting it at a good bargain price:flowers:
  4. I collect a particular scarf design, and wouldn't buy one if it were 'S' stamped, even though they do it VERY discreetly, under the caretag in the corner - you would never know if someone was wearing it.

    The cadenas (locks) are engraved with an S on the back, the bags and other leathergoods are blindstamped with an S.....
  5. No, I think some buyers don't want the s stamp on their bags or accessories. I don't mind them, but there are collectors that are anal about this.
  6. Would Kellys or Birkins ever be on sale? Or is it just the other bags? I can't imagine them being on sale, unless they were a completely weird color or something.
  7. ^ I see S stamped bags quite often on eBay...don't know where they come from, though.....prob. sales in Paris?
  8. Wow, in Pennsylvania, it seems it takes an act of God to get one Kelly. When I went to KOP mall Hermes, they had one Kelly available in Raisin. No Birkins.
  9. OOOOH My dream is a raisin colored Kelly! My husband actually walked into Hermes in Florence Italy and put a Raisin Birkin on hold for me to see. I went later in the day after a long lunch with lots of good wine :smile: and couldn't go through with the purchase as it was ostrich and I couldn't bring myself to like the texture of it. I lost my wine buzz on the spot trying to decide. I finally said no actually preferring any other leather to the ostrich. But the color has haunted me ever since. I just fell in love with it.

    Regarding sales stamps, I would be excited with any Hermes item. (except ostrich leather which for some very odd reason freaks me out!)

  10. i stay away from items marked "S" because it is branded as a sale item. i think it takes away from the perfection of the item. it isn't like most sale items where you can't tell the difference between retail and sale items. these are specifically branded "S" on the leather or the silk. sort of like damaging out an item or a like the scarlet letter.. if i'm paying that much for an item, I don't want to be reminded each time i use it that it was on "S"ale. but that is just me.
  11. Thanks for your post theITbag. Your feelings do make sense. I thought that maybe each boutique branded items with the "S" but you are right that they would have have to come to them like that. I wonder what the criteria for a "sale item" is. Ebay sure does have lots of "S" stamped stuff usually.
  12. I agree with theITbag in that it does have a Scarlet Letter aura to it. I mean, the fact that they go through the whole process to deliberately stamp the "S" on the item means that they have set it aside as different to another item of the exact same type. To me the labelling gives it a somewhat of a scorned feel.
  13. I don't want my Hermes items to have 'S' stamps, either...If all the 'sales' items have 'S' on them, I would not even worry about trying to make to Hermes sales from now on...I was kind of sad that I missed NY Hermes sale... But I am not sounds like all the sales items have 'S' on them-all the leather goods, bags, scarves, RTW...etc.

    I am NOT saying sales items are's just my personal feeling that I don't feel right about that 'S' stamps...
  14. Gotta say theITbag I love your website!!!!!

    Thanky you so much for sharing!

  15. I've bought loads of Hermes cashmere sweaters on sale. Sure they all have the S stamp on them on the inside label. But hey, at 50% off, it's worth the S stamp. And the S stamp doesn't make the cashmere feel any less luxurious.

    I'd say that if the S stamp were on a visible part of a leather good though, I'd hesitate too.