Hermes sales in Paris

  1. Now we have all heard about the elusive sales at the Paris store around june 28th to August and in early January, has anyone actually been to it and what kind of items are offered?
    do they have similar sales events in London as well?
  2. I went to the sale in London this year in January: it was not very exciting. Stock is pretty old, not a great selection, and much of the fun of Hermes is the wrapping (IMHO) which you get none of this way. Discounts generally of 40%.
  3. I went to the Paris sales this Jan, it is the second time I have been. It's a bit of a mad house but I got some nice things - an agenda, a picolo, wedge sandals, a hippo charm and an enamel bangle, all less than half price. They are marked with an 'S' for sales item. I cold have bought more easily, I love a bargain. It's at Salle de Gaveau, a theatre on rue Boetie about 10 minutes walk from the motherstore. It's nice to go the 24 F St H afterwards to calm your nerves. The SAs in the sale room are helpful but a bit frazzled, you've got to be patient and not mind a squash around the counters. I find it quite enjoyable for an hour,and then I need to calm down with a nice lunch and a trip to the main store. I went as a day trip from the UK, using the cheap budget airline

    I've never been to the London sales, I alsways used to go to my local store in Manchester but apparently there are no more sales here; just in London, and in a hotel.

    I will definitely go again, not sure if I will make the summer sale (which was definitely more crowded than the winter sale from memory) but will go next Jan.

    what items? Well, scarves, beach towels, hats, gloves, ties, shoes, boots, charns, bracelets, bangels, nechlaces, leather accessories, Herbags, belts and quite a lot of ready to wear - leather, coats, cashmere, all a bit squashed up on rails, I didn't really go near the clothes, hung around the leather/jewellery counter mostly.

    When you buy something, they give you a piece of paper for each item; you take these 'receipts' to the till at the end of your shopping where the goods will be waiting for you. You get the white sales Hermes bags, not the orange ones.
  4. London Sale I went first day no leather goods except a few gloves , some nice shoes male and female
    no scarves or ties , lots of clothes no bracelets, charms etc
    so they are doing well
    If anyone gets the dates for the summer paris sale that would be great
  5. This is a truly improtant thread! Allaboutnice is right - the UK stores ( and there aren't many of them) used to hold twice yearly sales events. I never saw any scarves or handbags at any of them but plenty of clothes and I have bought three smashing pairs of shoes this way. The head of Hermes in the UK decided last year that from now on there would be one sales event per year and it would be held in a hotel and not at the stores ( to the great relief of the staff apparently). I was hoping for an invite but it didn't happen this time around. I have never ever seen so many well heeled people use their elbows to get to goods. But a Paris sale would be an altogether more significant event - if anyone gets wind of when they are please let us poor mortals know!
  6. Hi, I actually posted the times for the last London sale in the thread about sales since I saw it listed in the Financial Times in January. Is there another London sale thats invite only?
  7. Probably not but I always used to get a card informing me of the forthcoming sale for my local store. Although I'm on the mailing list for the Monde d'Hermes and scarf booklets this method doesn't seem to have percolated through to the new style of sales - probably easier for me to get to Paris anyway but obviously I need to pay more attention to the jungle drums to know when to go and where!
  8. I would gladly join you if you are planning to visit sale in the summer. If you are not going please could you give me the address of this event in Paris.
  9. Girls,

    please let me know about Hermes sales in Paris and London, I would be happy to join you !!!!!!!! How to subscribe to those events?
  10. Hi

    I have been to the London sale twice. It is normally held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane but you enter at a side entrance. There were no leather goods or scarves just plenty of clothes and shoes. There were some ties and twillys the first time Iwent but not the second time so maybe it has changed. I will pop over to Paris in the summer I think as it sounds a better deal. I just get sent a card from Hermes about the sale in London
  11. would you like to go for Hermes's sale in Brussels?
  12. Oh wow! I hoping to get over to Europe again in Jan-Feb. I'll definitely make sure I'm in Paris when the sale is on. How does one find out about it?
  13. yes Brussels isnt too far either - when is it?

    Would love to go
  14. Wow! I never knew that Hermes was on sale! I've been testing the Hermes waters lately...I went to the one in Nuremberg and wasn't very impressed, but the one in Vienna was much nicer.

    ...Maybe it won't be long until I'm a Hermes buff too :biggrin:
  15. Well, my understanding is the sales are set by the French government every year, usually January and June each for a few weeks. I found out the Hermes dates very easily simply by phoning up FSH in December and they told me the exact dates over the phone, you can also email them through the website, that was how I first got the dates for my first visit back in 2004