hermes sales in hong kong


Sofa King BV-LV-H-ed
hi, tpfers, sorry if the above topic has been discussed here. i am interested to know when normally hermes in hong kong will offer sales periods in a year? i guess once in summer and once in winter? thanks for advice.


Sofa King BV-LV-H-ed
thanks pretty99, sorry i am new in hk so not familiar with the sales here. so how long normally the hermes sales will last? for summer end of june to mid july? cause my friend bought a bag last week but no sales already. thanks.


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Apr 17, 2007
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usually the bags will not sale unless you are some VVIP or frequent repeat customer. only Pret-a-porter, shoes and some baby collection
the sale will be in 2 weeks time, starts Saturday to next week's Sunday.
VIP's will do reservation on the Friday night before. So that's the way it goes!
I don't do shopping in HK H-store too often since they do not have what I wanted, but i do browse very very often.......hehe