Hermes sale?

  1. Do you guys know when US Hermes sale is going to be? tFS members and other members from this forum in different countries talk about Hermes sale is going on now... Is sale going on US right now, too? (Maybe I got a mail, but my husband threw it away by accident? He often throws away any kind of info. mails from boutique or stores which I need to know for sales and good deals... He considers it as a junk mail:yucky: )
  2. Here in Switzerland, the sale at my local boutique in Basel was for 1 week and ended yesterday. The mega sale in Geneva will only start tomorrow and lasts for 1 week.

    Maybe in the US, they'll do it in July?
  3. UGH - The only sale Hermes ever has here are for their watches and clothing/shoes.......bummer!
  4. Kristie.F: Do you know when Hermes in US is going to have sales this year? Thanks
  5. No, Honey,'s usually in the New Year here, though (January/February).

  6. Hi Aspenmartial, I am new to Hermes, thought they never have sales like LV. Of course I am still a long way to be the super VIPs. I bet your husband dump on purpose. He can minimize the heart attack when he sees the credit card statement LOL
  7. Hi, there was a sale mostly on clothing scarves and some shoes in N.Y. about 2-3 months ago. It happens every year, but the dates change a bit, I usually find out by accident. It does not occur in the store though, it is at a diffent address. Other U.S. hermes may have other policies...maybe just call and ask the store closest to you.