Hermes Sale locations? Is it only in NY? Not Chicago???

  1. Hey Girls,

    Call me crazy :upsidedown: but I am planning a vacation to NY around Hermes sale time. Does anyone know if there's a sale in other cities other than NY?

    thanks girls~
  2. Chicago had their sale at the end of January.
  3. well~ I wish someone would have told me as I would of made a trip up there for that! Why didn't my SA call me??? mistake on his part... Bummer ....
  4. Chicago has their Winter sale in January. It is mostly Ready-to-wear, sometimes gloves/hats. They usually do a pre-sale for clients the week before, where you can check out the RTW and have things set aside and rung up on sale day. I've bought some fab Ready-to-wear and my coat for 60% off.

    The sale itself goes on for 1 day and is open to everyone. I never have time to do the actual sale day but have pre-saled before.

    They always send out a postcard a couple weeks ahead of time to clients, so you should have gotten something in the mail Ghost.
  5. Nope...but my SA also hasn't called me back from before the price increase either..:cursing:..I think I was forgotten. Tut Tut..Paris is in a few weeks and I just look at is this way, Chi-town lost out.:s

    Thanks Japster~:flowers:
  6. LOL, Ghost i think i know the SA that you're talking about and he can be in the "lala land sometimes" No worries, this year they didn't have anything drool worthy from RTW anyhow so you didn't miss out much
  7. LOL^^ Thanks MIB! Feel better now. :rolleyes:...It is okay, I will visit him in the summer!

  8. WOW! 60% OFF?!!! :drool:
  9. Hello from toronto, there's a sale in our hermes until the 31st of may =D
  10. Glasgow NEVER has a sale (they have a concession store inside the House of Frasers there). Today House of Fraser had between 20 - 30% off everything in stock....but Hermes not included. No fair that other cities get sales but Scotland doesn't... :crybaby: