Hermes sale in Chicago

  1. I would love to buy an Hermes scarf and am wondering if they may be having a sale on them in Chicago.
  2. The sale starts the 18th of January. If you have an SA there, they may doing pre-sale on scarves.
  3. when is the next one? for the summer? :smile:
  4. Hi astar,

    The sale for the summer was at the end of July....Honestly, I would have to check my CC receipts for the exact date but it has past. They only had RTW and shoes....very slim pickings.

  5. What is the Chicago store's selection like?
  6. Legaldiva, I'll make a pilgrimage to the Chicago H this Saturday to see what they have and let you know. Stay tuned.
  7. Sorry for the delay ,but here it is. They had 3 Kelly Bags on display. One was a shade of red, the other was a blue jean and the 3rd one was a cross between red and brown. It was the biggest Kelly i ever seen ( 50 cm) So , to sum up, if you like Kellys you'll have plenty to choose from.
  8. I'm going to Chicago in October so will hopefully be able to visit the H store....cannot wait!! Are the SAs nice and friendly? Thanks!
  9. The Chicago store is very nice and very friendly. You are welcome to PM if you ever need a rec' for a good SA.