Hermes sale, broken belts and Traingle, pics to come!!!!!

  1. Hi guys!

    Went to the Hermès sale here in Belgium, it was fantastic!

    There were a thousand + scarves from all over the world, agendas in every leather type, belts on the whole wall, croc and ostrish and everything, Clothes , all at 50,70 or 80 percent off!! I thought I was going mad!!!

    Bought 4 fruit keychains for 20 euros each, in stead of 90 euros! What a bargain hey?

    And bought a notepad that you can "roll up", and a courchevel bracelet/necklace (a simple cord that you can wrap around)

    Also a small wallet/card case that was 120 euros in stead of 373 euros...

    And the last thing is a bookmark in green.

    I'm so happy!!! I bought all the thing I wanted from Hermès to finish my collection (except for the birkin hac 50 but that will wait a bit :smile:)

    The prices were unbelievable.

    It's a shame because I went on the last day and all the wallets and bags were gone!
    BUT I will not complain :smile:

    ALSO: there were belt lying in boxes on the floor, with the gold/palladium buckles all chipped and broken.
    I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!

    Also saw a jacket for 275 euros in stead of 1300 euros, but there was missing a button.... Really a pity cuz it was fabulous!!!!!

    OH YEAH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! : what does a triangle stamp mean next to the date stamp? I cannot find it in the threads, searched for half an hour and I assume you pretty guys/girls know more about it

    If you like, I'll post pictures of my complete collection in ten minutes!!!!!

    Just wanted to rant! :smile:

    Bye guys!
  2. Oh my gosh! Sounds like you found so many treasures! Good for you. I don't have an answer to the triangle but it seems likely to designate that you bought it at the sale. Will look forward to replies from the experts.
  3. Yeah let the experts come to me!!!!!! PLEASE!! :smile:
    I don't think it has to to with the sale cause I saw it on eBay a few times on non-sale items!

    Pics are coming now!
  4. wow! :nuts: you lucky gal! when will my store have a sale??? (do the stores in the US have sales???)