Hermes sale Bev Hill

  1. So there is a sale to public at Hermes Bev Hill today. Tons of scarves, ties, canvas totes, there were some her bags, shoes and RTW.

    scarves are 40% off
    ties are 40% off
    canvas totes are 60% off
    herbag I think 40% off..(I saw red, beige, and brow/orange vibrato)

    and there was a 30cm vert anis birkin w/ brown stiching Palladium HW on the shelf. was still there around 11:30am
  2. :crybaby::sad: - Oh my...a 30 vert anis Birkin is on my future wish funds right now. Darn!
  3. That vert anis Birkin is gone already:crybaby: ...
  4. was there for at least 1 good hour..
  5. fesdu, can you describe the red herbag that you saw? also, how much was it.. thanks.
  6. hmm I don't know much about herbag..I think the top was a darker brown, and fabric part is this gorgeous bright red. I only saw the price of the vibrato herbag which was $1600. Maybe the plain one is a bit cheaper? sorry if that's no help :sad:
  7. Darn Beverly Hills had all the good stuff. :graucho: Wish I was there!
  8. WOW! That is SOME sale! Much better than my store.
    The Birkin sounded gorgeous!
  9. OMG! a 30cm Vert Anis Birkin? I totally wish I had been there. I wish SAs could call out of state customers without a store near them!
  10. :crybaby::crybaby: I wish I could've gone with you, Fesdu!!!!
  11. I know! that would've been fun! (or..the damage may be 10 folds! those scarves are so hard to resisit.)
    at the register.. the lady infront of me "your total is 9,740"......she got lots and lots of goodies!!
  12. Fesdu, were there any Fourre-Tout or similar? =(
  13. Is there a craftsman ID on the Fourre Tout?
  14. Yup OT. in fact, I got a Fourre-Tout MM noir/prune for work. :wlae:
  15. Ohhh, lucky you, Fesdu! Congratulations! I love that color combo and size. I had a couple and sold them because I didn't think I needed them. Now I realize that they sure come in handy.