Hermes sale at Mitchells/Richards in Connecticut

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  1. Just called and confirmed that these two franchise locations are having their annual secret H started last week and is supposed to end this weekend but they always stretch it a bit. They are closed on Sundays unfortunately.

    I stopped by Richards today and picked up a clic clac enamel (pattern not H closure) a scarf for my moms bday (I think its called a contraire current or something) and the chaine d'ancre taureg style pendant on black leather cord.

    They had some rtw, small (useless) leather goods, leather double strap bracelets, shoes, ties, belts, sarongs, terry sun visors, and a huge canvas beach bag (white with navy handles)

    They also have some slightly defected enamels behind the counter that are half off but you have to ask
  2. the belts are on sale?
  3. Yup, I didn't pay close attention to the styles because I had a fussy DH and fussy DD waiting impatiently (only one I noticed was black box with an etched H buckle in a 32cm)
  4. Ooh, thank you olive! I might try to sneak in a visit to Mitchell's tomorrow.
  5. Phooey. They're closed Sundays...and I'm heading to Greenwich anyways today. Oh wells. Best to keep me away from the H anyways.
  6. what? i didn't even get a phone call? hrumph.
  7. Its every h fanatic for themselves babe! It wasn't a very pleasant experience with dh breathing down my neck and the dismissive attitude of the SA when they realized I was only tjhere for the sale (cuz that not really money, right)
  8. Richards can be snooty sometimes when there are lots of people there.
  9. Didn't mean to double post, but I forgot to ask, what % off were the enamel bracelets? Did they have any H closure ones (on sale?)
  10. They had one H clic clac in baby pink phw and it was about 50% was a GM...

    The other two were caleche enamels in baby pink and baby blue.
  11. Thanks so much, olive519!
  12. OMG! i wish i could go there i want that clic clac
  13. Attempting to go to both today, but at least Richards. Will report back :smile:
  14. Just went to Mitchell's this afternoon--LOTS of shoes if that's what you're looking for. Some RTW, a few SLGs (not very exciting ones), a couple of hats and pairs of gloves, some ties, one set of TWILLY RINGS if anyone is looking (the turquoise/yellow/pink ones). Only one scarf--a sort of sheer cash/silk with elephants on it in a design I don't know the name of. Since I was there mostly for scarves I didn't end up buying anything. They gave DD a balloon, though. :biggrin:
  15. Updated as promised:

    Richard's is basically sold out of bracelets - only 2 scarves (modern) left.
    As capulet said, Mitchell's has lots of shoes and a bit of RTW.