Hermes Sale 5-13 Jan - Hong Kong

  1. Just read that H is now on sale from 5 -13 Jan in Hong Kong. Does anyone of you know if only garment is on sale? How abt shoes, bags, belt and china ware? I will give H a call to check tmr. I walked pass H today but was on hurry to another dept store so did not get in. Hope I did not miss anything (esp if bags are on sale, will definitely get one).
  2. I heard about H sale in HK but unfortunately I left on the 1st:sad:
  3. Really??? I'm still here...I wonder what is on sale...I'll have to stop by tomorrow!
  4. In the adverstisement(in Chinese), it says 'selective men's and women's wear'. Not sure if scarf or belt is under this category. I am very eager to know, will give H a call when it opens.
  5. let me know what you find out! Mmm Goi Sai!
  6. don't have high hopes, ususally pass season shoes and clothes only; no way there will be any bags; even if they have it, it will be bought by VIP's already. The selection is not very good, but good price though: 30% for last 2 season's items and 60% for a further season back. I saw some women's shoes can marked down to around HKD$1600, about US$210, so good luck.
  7. In Singapore the sale is for RTW, shoes, hats and gloves only.
  8. if you go there early enough you should be able to get some good finds on rtw and shoes :smile:
  9. ms piggy, did you get anything? I was pretty disappointed with the sale. Lanvin had much nicer offerings.
  10. I almost never get anything at high-end designer sales, Hermes or otherwise. Although I am not very short (5'4"), most European clothes are cut too long, such that the bustline and waistline end up below my natural ones, making the fit terrible. I find it strange, because other brands (albeit not high-end ones) such as Max Mara or DVF fit perfectly. I can't believe that women who buy high-end designers are taller than the average women!

  11. Mr PS, how was the sale?
  12. evekitti I have not made it down to the sale. I highly doubt I'd get anything.
  13. I didn't get a chance to get down there today...I'll try to make it down there this week though!
  14. I didn't get anything either, only a scarf but it wasn't on sale.
  15. Oh no, are all the H-stores on sale? I was at our new store today, was looking at a bebop in gold swift & some CDCs in croc, no sign of a sale, I scored a cadena though! ms piggy *wave* where are you headed CNY? If north, coffee?