Hermes Saddles

  1. I think by now we all know of Hermes origins as a saddle maker. They still continue the tradition today of making their saddles by hand. Anyone who's touched or handled their saddles will attest to the fact that they are works of art. Here are some pictures of a few of these Hermes masterpieces.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. Okay, so they're not purses:P , but they still took my breath away.:nuts:
    6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  3. gorgeous!
    hg, if this forum was Hermes University, you would be on the Dean's list :smile:
  4. Thanks for posting these, HG! I love looking at their saddles. I too appreciate how magnificent they are and their handmade quality is just superb. There's one in my store, near the belts display and I marvel at it everytime I go there.
  5. At NYC they had a Barenia saddle that was hand embroidered, with a price tag to go along with all that craftsmanship. $10,000. The Barenia had been oiled and tested out so it was on its way to developing a patina. I used to slide my hands over the saddle whenever I was there, the leather just felt so smooth.:yes: It recently sold and I was a little sad to see it go.:sad:
  6. i touch everything including the saddles whenever i go. i would love to own an Hermes saddle one day.
  7. ^^ ME TOO! Hopefully all our stroking of the saddles help the patina!!
  8. Ugh.....HG? Was that saddle on a floor I DIDN'T GET TO???????
  9. OY, those saddles!....meanwhile, I want one, and have no horse!...grandparents would go to Paris with measurements of the horse and get saddle! I'l meaure WHAT? to get one!
  10. ^^^So Beautiful HG!!

    Do people actually sit on those Gorgeous Saddles....I would think my B*tt would be too uncivilized for those. :yucky: They are works of art.:smile:

    Are saddles mostly Barenia? When you see one at the store, do you try to rub out scratches?
  11. ^^^^^Hehe, yeah, I rub out the scratches. Not all saddles are Barenia. Some are Buffalo, but most I would say are calfskin or cowhide. They used to make a lot from porc, but I hear porc takes a looooonnnnggg time to break in. So what Hermes now uses is embossed cowhide made to look like porc.

    Shopmom, next time around, you really need to see the rest of the store.
  12. when you say:...
    LOOOONG time to brake long are we speaking of?.. (me sitting on a fake horse ? ... saying "ouch-on-the-hiney")? per say?:angel: :s :lol:
  13. ^^^^^Oh, gosh. I was having a discussion with the equestrian manager, Courtney, who gave me a quick 5 minute lesson on tack. She didn't say how long it would take to break in, but yeah, I could see it being a literal PIA.
  14. I was actually more worried about breaking in my "hiney" than the saddle...which gives in sooner or later, I spend thousands on my trainer to give me a "hiney"...So I wanna keep it!:angel: :shame: :lol: love the saddle though....Imagine going o someone's house, no chairs, just saddles everywhere!:nuts:
  15. ^^^AVANDOME Quote: Imagine going o someone's house, no chairs, just saddles everywhere!:nuts:

    ^^^That would be way too cool, but I don't know if I would want anyone to F*rt on one of them (Thinking of my kids...sorry, that was grouse:yucky: )