Hermès Sac a Depeches

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  1. i was wondering what colors and leathers does the Sac a Depeches come in? My eldest brothers birthday is in September and as a businessman I thought an Hermès briefcase would be very appropriate as a gift. He has worked very hard at a young age to be successful and gave my family a very comfortable and luxurious life yet he does not like treating himself for his success and I want to treat him myself. He owns a Process Serving company and a good briefcase is essential!
  2. Barenia, Boxcalf, Clemence, Toile version, Epsom?, (others would chime in) and a variety of colors.
  3. hmm i would think clemence or chevre, but does it come in chevre?
    i was also looking for color suggestions?
    etoupe? gold? grey?
  4. I don't think so. It's too wide a bag for chevre.

    in Epsom. Fabulous.
  5. comes in almost all leather, and if they don't have what you want just ask they'll either locate it at other boutique or special order it.
  6. I think you would have to see the best options in person to decide. I love that briefcase in Box calf in Marron Fonce or Black.

  7. ITA

    Was it one of the US presidents that had it in Black Croco?
    Its such a good investment and an elegant but masculine bag I love the design

    And I think your thoughts are lovely to buy this as a gift for someone you love