Hermès Sac à dèpêches colours

  1. Dear friends,

    I would like to know something about your taste in terms of the Hermès "Sac à dépêches" colours..

    Some people think that dark is more formal, elegant, serious in combination with the clothing for the moment. Other people think that the camel colour of the courchevel gives a very nice point of casual elegance independently of the dark suit or jeans. What's your point of view?
  2. I love it in black and the darker colours....there is a sac etriviere in naturale barenia at my store - that is to DIE for......

    Any of the 'classic" colours are fab in these bags - I saw a blue jean a few months back - the guy looked great!
  3. I am such a boring person
    But I do love the black and I have seen one in a deep brown which was just lovely
    I suppose the color has to suit the occasion if its mainly for work I guess the dark one is the better

    How is yours going along at the moment?
    Its funny I always check out some of the mens briefcase at Paddington station some of them are disgusting
    and I have never spotted a Hermes one
  4. All the men waiting to board the planes at CDG airport - all the sac depeches sitting in a row...*sigh*.....

    Ebene would be lovely.
  5. I would choose gold personally.
  6. Ironically, the sac is the Hermes product that I don't really like. I need a tough heavy duty briefcase. I don;t think the sac could hold up to the stress that I would put on it.
  7. I saw a sac recently in blue jean with the contrast white stitching. I don't normally go for that colour but it glowed and looked gorgeous. LOng ago in the late 80s I saw a tricolour one in very masculien tones of forest green, maroon and dark blue = ace!
  8. Yummy a man with one of these
    has style!

    The brits at Paddington
    well less said the better , but I live in hope
    and it is the Cotswold line mmmmmm

  9. sigh here too!

    I live in hope :graucho::graucho:
  10. Black Box leather or Barenia will be perfect. Otherwise, other dark colors are fine too.
  11. Aside from a black color, I think a natural sable in fjord with white contrast stitching and palladium hardware is wonderful. We have one in our local store and just look amazing either with a gray suit or dressed down in jeans and rolled up white or sky blue long sleeve shirt.