Hermes SA rant - I want my Birkin! (long rant)

  1. Ok... i am a hermes newbie and should have read this shopping subforum earlier....

    before, I stormed into Hermes wide-eyed and hopeful on Saturday and outright asked about wanting to buy a Birkin (a 35 Rouge Garance/Clemence/Palladium)
    in which i was politely palmed off and told that there is NO waitlist and that IF they did have a waitlist, it would be for those who weren't particular on what type of Birkin they were going to get

    I was made to feel like i could not afford the money to buy a Birkin as that snooty SA looked me up and down and was checking out my jewellery etc, and by her politely declining all my requests and questions....:crybaby:

    So, i am going to Osaka, Japan next week, and would like to know if anyone has bought from Hermes in Japan or one of the consignment shops over there? Do you know if Japan has a wide selection available in their Hermes store, and will be easy to buy the Birkin you want?

    I just think it is really unfair that you have to build a relationship with an SA and spend money you do not neccessarily want to spend before you are offered to purchase a Birkin

    Sorry for the long rant, but being put down on saturday has made me disillusioned and i am boycotting my local Hermes store
  2. I'm sorry you had a bad time- it's never fun to get bad service. But you have to understand that SA's get soo very tired of people coming in only asking for Birkins- the supply is so limited and they would really rather sell the ones they do get to regular clients who love the brand as a whole, not just a single bag. There's also a certain element of self- depricative fun in building up your Hermes collection slowly, getting more and more excited along the way, until you reach the climax of getting *the* Birkin.
  3. Kasumi,
    Try not to care much about snooty SA's beacuse they are not worth it! She must be very insecure to feel the need to be snooty and check out your jewelry. I think someone else on tpf also mentioned that she had been snubbed and ignored at the Sidney store:sad:

    I'm not sure about Osaka but I know that Hermès Ginza in Tokyo sometimes have Birkins open on display for anyone to buy. Last time I was there I saw several bags including lots of Kellys. They even had a beautiful black sellier croc Kelly. And the service is impeccable:yes:
  4. I wouldn't be put off by the snooty SA....there are plenty of VERY nice ones who make up for this one. I've never even been in an H store and have always received great service in the stores I call for items...keep your chin up and I'm sure that Birkin will eventually come your way!!
  5. erm .... how on earth do you expect an SA to be nice when you stormed into the store to demand for a birkin?
  6. If this is the way you feel so strongly against the Hermes culture, the best thing for you to do, is to buy from a reputable H reseller. From where I am, I have been told numerous times when I tried to help my friends get their birkins ... NO BIRKINS FOR WALK-INS.
  7. No "storming" will ever get you what you want no matter where you go. This is what I've found in almost 50 years on the planet. One gets more with honey than with vinegar (as Mom used to say......hated when she told me that......but it's true). And Hermes is no exception. The SA's are ALWAYS asked for Birkins and I know for a fact, they get very tired of the same question.

    While it's true that many ladies want only the Birkin, the beauty and joy of Hermes is its many other wonderful items.....I would encourage you to take some time to appreciate these things as well. Doesn't mean you need to buy them (and yes, you can purchase your Birkin from re-sellers....just be knowledgeable about it's authenticity) just take a look at the quality that is Hermes.
  8. Which store do you shop at? So you couldn't help your friends get birkins? Some said in the forum that there's no waitlists and whoever walks in the right time get the birkins...
  9. Oh dear......Birkins, Birkins, Birkins. I will tell you one thing. I have three Birkins and none came from the store. I have a deep and lasting admiration/love for Hermes and have a lovely relationship with a terrific SA. I chose to buy my bags the way I did for reasons other than accessibility. can get Birkins without...

    a. Buying anything else in the store,
    b. Buying directly from the store,
    c. Dealing with SA's who would really love to help those who love Hermes for more than just the Birkins.

    So....let's just say this. For those of you out there who ONLY want Birkins and don't want anything else, then you'd best look elsewhere and not just in the boutiques. Because then you are left with walking in and hoping to find the perfect bag sitting on the shelf waiting just for you.
  10. ^I think it's really great to build relationship with SA, and I know it goes a long way. I do that to SAs in other boutiques. It's great to go in to the stores to chat with SAs, but not to buy anything at all. However, it's really hard to go to Boutique frequently if you are 4 hours away, and I do like other things from Hermes....I own twilly, scarves, and watches....but because my closest boutique is so far away, I buy smaller items at my it means I can never build a relationship with Hermes Boutique SAs, unless I drive 4 hrs every months.....
  11. As I have do not ALWAYS have to build up a relationship first. However you must know Hermes before you go in the store. Everytime I have been offered one I never asked.
    I do not live close to any H store (I do travel alot and have my fav stores and fav SA's) but if you go in and are interested in other H items (scarfs, other bags, keychains... ANYTHING BESIDES a Birkin or Kelly) and try to take in the brand as a whole... the SAs will be responsive.
  12. I've never bought any of my bags from anywhere other than my boutique. I've built up a relationship with my SA...I was told that they get tons of calls everyday. Most smaller stores don't ship. I think your best bet, if you know exactly what you want, is a reseller. Since I haven't had a personal experince though, I couldn't recommend one. Try the thread about resellers-eBay.
  13. Thanks for the info guys

    I did not mean i literally "stormed" into the store.. i was just full of confidence and just wanted my birkin as i had no idea what to expect from the SA's, nor did i think they would be snooty. I was nice and polite.. and approached the SA friendly. I just expected the SA to be a great as the LV ones...
  14. just... wow.
  15. Hmm, yes. If you do go to a LV store and ask for their most famous bag, the speedy, they usually have it....:p