Hermes SA and Commission a BJ Kelly

  1. Hey Ladies, my husband surprised me with a BJ Kelly, however, with a different SA. How does that work within the store? Does that lessen my chances of getting future phone calls?

    What do you think of the 32 BJ Kelly? Should I keep it or return it for store credit b/c I really would like a 35 orange Birkin.
  2. The question is, what do YOU think of a 32cm blue jean Kelly? Sounds to me like you would prefer an orange Birkin!! How would your DH take it if you returned his present?
  3. Can you keep the kelly and get an orange birkin down the road? Is this your usual store? Do you like the color and size??
  4. Congrats on the new bag!!!

    With regards to commission, I asked my SA about this before and she said that essentially (at least at HER store), all the commissions are shared. That includes Birkins, Kellys, other bags, scarves, RTW, and other accessories, etc. However, even though commissions are shared, they each have a specific sale quota to meet every month.
  5. Thank you. I think he'll be unhappy, however, I don't want to spend more money down the line if it ever comes in. I do love it though!!!!!!!! What's not to love right?
  6. Well, I think the BJ Kelly is one of the most beautiful H bags ever created. :smile:
    I'd keep it if you can get an orange Birkin later on, Even a few years. If this bag is your one and only, I'd return it for credit towards the Birkin.
  7. If it's the Birkin you really want, return the Kelly for store credit. Having said that, I love the BJ Kelly, it's a gorgeous bag.
  8. I think you should keep the blue jean Kelly. It's gorgeous,'s a gift from your hubby. Orange Birkins will be made forever and ever, so your chances of getting one are pretty good.
  9. Also, one purchase from a different SA wouldn't make a difference, if your relationship with your SA is pretty strong. You can just explain to him/her that your hubby came in w/out you, and he didn't know who your SA was. Like kou said, the SAs don't work on individual commission, anyway.
  10. Ooh! Keep it and save up later on hehe ;) After all -- it is YOUR money too! So you get to decide what you want to spend it on!
  11. Okay Girlies, I'll keep it. Thank you!
  12. maybe you can get the orange Birkin from your husband's SA.
  13. congrats on your new bag.. would love to see yes, definitely keep it..
  14. your hubby is so nice! enjoy the bj kelly bag, it's quite popular on this forum :smile:

    and now, you've gotten a step closer to the orange birkin! two great bags!
  15. Congrats! I'm glad you're keeping your blue jean Kelly. It really is a fabulous color. It's an all seasons color too IMO.