Hermes SA and Christmas

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  1. How many of you are actually sending SA's gifts?
  2. I am for sure.
  3. I sent the whole store a fruit basket, but mentioned my SA and the manager on the card.
  4. Sent an assortment of Vosges' La Grand Hatbox assortment. They love chocolate.
  5. I am, but I don't know what to send my SA yet.
    I already sent truffles as a thank you for finding my Birkin...any other ideas?
  6. I've thought of doing so too but there was an incident lately that made me think twice. Perhaps I am over sensitive.

    I was in Hermes a couple of days ago wearing a pocket square. This pocket square is a limited edition for a newly refurbished store.

    My SA says "Isn't it cute, I got one too."
    I said "Wanna get one more for a friend but it is all sold out. "
    SA: "One of my clients gave me, she bought 18, ha ha ha ha ha"

    :huh: :huh: :huh:
  7. I am feeling a bit torn about sending gifts. I thought about it and then I was reminded of how I was treated at times. Shouldn't SAs be sending US gifts for all that we put up with to get a bag? :P
  8. WOW, P......I would find it weird to gift my SA something from Hermes...LOL!!
  9. How much is a pocket square? In my store, there is a strict $100 limit on gifts and it just makes the SAs uncomfortable if you go overboard.
  10. :wtf: there's actually a limit on how much SA's can be given? Which makes me think that there are lots of customers who are giving a lot more which makes them come up with this policy. IMO.

    I usually pop by the store, buy a scarf (another scarf!) and look around and not ask for anything else. I'll get them a nice big box of chocolates that they can have with coffee.
  11. Kou, if you feel you have not received good service from the SA or store throughout the year, you should not send anything. I believe holiday gifts or tips to anyone in the service industry is to thank them for good service and a job well done throughout the year.
  12. I am... I might give chocolate to my SA in Cleveland...

    I was thinking Godiva/Lindt... Any ideas on choco??? Somethin I can get in Atlanta...
  13. Or any ideas that is not chocolate? Like a TDF cake... My head just won't cooperate with me in times like this...
  14. My Hermes store is tiny and there are only a handful of SAs. So, I usually send a big box of Godiva truffles.
  15. I can't believe they allow anything! I tried to give Caroline a pair of pink gold stud earrings I handmade for her and she had to send them back. :sad: