Hermes RTW

  1. Fairly new at purchasing H items but am already hooked :yahoo: an email from my SA telling me that the RTW collections on sale are great and willing to email me some pics. Can anyone tell me if there's anything really special that I should ask about? I really love cashmere so that could be a possibility. I don't live near a store so that's not an option to go look. Actually my SA has been wonderful and pictures of everything I've asked for/about has been sent. Just don't want to miss any fabulous RTW!!! that's on sale too!!:roflmfao:
  2. Black patent H heels :love:
  3. ooohhh, those sound you have a pair mrss? do they run tts?
  4. ^^ No, I don't have a pair (yet). I'll wait for it to go on sale (LOL)
  5. If you love cashmere, Hermes does offer some really fab designs. And on sale they are irresistible. See if you can snag their cashmere sweaters, pullovers or scarves. And the wool skirts. Good luck!
  6. Thanks to both of you...I'm going to contact my SA about the cashmere and get 'peeks' at the shoes:sneaky:
  7. They have amazing cashmere coats in addition to the sweaters; there were also some embroidered chiffon blouses--very sheer with gold embroidery in peasant style. Just beautiful! I remember seeing one in black and one in sea-green. See if you can get photos to look at.