Hermes RTW opinion on this skirt, please...

  1. What do you think of this skirt guys? I LOVE it so much. But do you guys think it is worth spend $$$ on A SKIRT? I really love it...but I need you guys' opinion on this! Thank you so much!

    ps. Oh, which color do you guys like better, red or orange?
    hermes skirt.jpg hermes skirt.2.jpg
  2. I love the red - worn with a cashmere cardigan and black H bag - gorgeous!
  3. Red! Wish I had somewhere wonderful to wear a skirt like this.......
  4. Is it worth spend $$$ on a skirt? I think Hermes RTW is even more expensive than Chanel...
  5. I must buy that whole orange outfit!!! including the kelly,..... TDF!
  6. Love it!! I was thinking about it myself quite recently.
  7. The red is lovely Aspen...

    Is it worth it? Hmmm...hmmm...if you have to ask us...I say you are thinking it may not be.
  8. I love the red! It is gorgeous! It is only worth it if you love it though!
  9. :yes:
  10. When I saw your post I was wondering if it was about this skirt! :lol: I LOVE it! I have been drooling over the picture of it in Le Monde forever!!!! Red or orange are beautiful but I am partial to orange. :love:
  11. Aspenmartial, it's beautiful! Have you seen it in person and tried it on? Maybe that will help you make your decision.
  12. OMG!!! I just called Paris since it is completely sold out in US for my size. These models are REALLY tall!!!!!!!!!!!!! They gave me measurement... In the picture, it is a knee length skirt. It is going to be mid-calf for me. I am 5'3" (162cm). I mean I knew it would be below knee length for me since these models are very tall. But I am shocked that it is going to be close to my ankle!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: I feel I am dang short!:yucky:
  13. It could still look amazing at mid-calf, especially with the right shoes/boots! At least this way though you will be able to try it on and see for yourself.
  14. My first thought was boots if it was the longer length...would look lovely!
  15. I'll go with red. Btw, how long is the skirt? And how much?