Hermes rome

  1. Hi everyone i will be visiting in rome in january. Can anyone tell me anything about the hermes store in rome in terms of selection,SAs and places to go in rome or about in general. All replys will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I was at the H store in Rome Spring this year. The store isn't really huge, but had the usual selection of scarves, cashmeres, and other accessories. I didn't see any birkins or kellys on the shelf. The SAs were extremely friendly and very frank. This was my experience with all SAs in Rome...they'll tell you straight in your face if something does not work. Ex, at the Armani store, I was trying on couple pairs of pants. I wanted a size larger than the size the SA recommended. She had me try the larger size and told me bluntly, it makes your butt look flat...hahaha...I was not offended at all (after all, my butt indeed needs some enhancement) but rather started to trust her opinions, which resulted in spending more than I would or should.
  3. I made the mistake of setting aside a Monday to go to the Rome H. It opens at 1 or 2PM on Mondays so I decided to go the the Keat-Shelley Museum on the Spanish Steps while i waited (well worth a visit actually)

    The selection was no better or worse than Florence H or Venice H. The florence H stood out for me because it had a wonderfully Italiante baroque ceiling mural and the SAs were the friendliest of the 3 Hs

    The H duty free shop at the Rome airport was okay. Most GPs. The Heathrow H Duty Free in terminal 3 is better. I had a hard time finding the duty free in Rome because there were 2 duty free sections. The H Duty Free is in the second section after you take the train to your gate
  4. ^^ I really appreciate candor among SAs... I hate the sycophantic types.
  5. There is also a vintage shop with tons of Hermes in that area - I forgot the name and only got to look in the window. (They had so many H bags I thought it might even be a look-alike shop, but someone here later posted that it was a vintage Hermes shop). I love the Spanish steps area, that's where my fiance and I stayed during our last visit. Oh and another thing I love is that women in Italy wear the best boots and fur when its chilly!
  6. Oh and don't forget to check out the Hermes duty free shop in the airport, its small but has a nice collection. They also have Loro Piana, Gucci, ....
  7. thanks for all the replys.
  8. The store in Rome is not very big, so there's not an enormous choice. As far as bags go, it's just a question of luck: recently I was in there and there was a chocolate Box 32 Kelly on the shelf! Another time there were 2 HAC's, one was Toile/Barenia and the other Chamonix rouge H, always on the shelf. The SA's are all nice....The Hermès vintage shop is in Via Vittoria, which is very near to Via Condotti, where the Hermès store is. They usually have quite a few Kellys, Constances, and other vintage styles; no Birkins, as I was told they are too expensive for them to buy, and they would have to sell them over retail, and Italians aren't prepared to spend over retail for a used bag! HTH:smile: