Hermes Ring help - for a boy


Oct 2, 2006
Hi all,

I just bought an Hermes ring for myself (22 yr old male), it's a wide band with the classic stenciled "H" logo in a circle, with the iconic horse bit thing on the back of the ring (I can post pics later)!

I love it, but I had it fit for my left ring figer, and just got home and realized that that's the wedding finger (I'm clueless with jewelry)! I'm single, and don't want people to assume i'm married/engaged. It does not fit my other fingers, and I'm afraid to put it on my right hand's ring finger.

I think I will return it and get it sized for my left middle finger or pointer, I don't want it on my right hand since I'm right handed and I fear I'll scratch it up.

I would love to hear your opinions!



Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
Definitely take it in to hear what they have to say regarding resizing the ring. I'm not familiar with this style as you describe it so can't give you any input in this matter. But do look forward to seeing pics.