***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

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  1. Etain this year has been pretty marvellous!
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  2. :smile: B25? rose gold or Gold?
  3. B25 RGHW =)
  4. How to make my hubby's dually ranch truck classy with a (preloved) '95 B30.
  5. K32 Anemone Sellier on her maiden voyage...

    1F5EA373-1C44-4A1B-ABE9-4691B5827ABD.jpeg E05818F4-F288-4262-9339-0BAFCF8F7AD7.jpeg
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  7. Thank you :drinks::blush:
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  10. Kelly25 today with me

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  11. This is gorgeous! Love all the creative accessories :smile: What color is this?
  12. It's Craie. People often ask whether it is Beton...
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  13. I’m smitten. :heart:

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  14. So cute:heart:
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  15. I’m in Scottsdale for my birthday and jumped at the chance to upgrade to a BMW convertible (just like home) for the weekend. My new Black Beauty and I have been zooming around with the top down.