Hermes Riding Boots

  1. does anyone own a pair of the Hermes riding boots?
  2. I know I would sure LOVE to own a pair! Anyone have any pics? That would be lovely.
  3. I bought a pair of Jumping Boots in Mocha this fall. They are the same as the ones worn in the Kelly Caleche ad (the woman wears the boots, very tight pants, double-loop belt and carries a whip). Come to think of it, does anyone know what the belt is called?
    I love love love these boots. They are very comfortable for walking. The loop with the Kelly turnlock is removable so you have the option of a plainer look. I have always worn mine with the loop though. My calves are not as thin as the model's but I don't want to have the boots stretched for me so I am wearing them with tights, very lightweight skinny jeans and leggings this season and hoping they will stretch on their own.
    I have also seen someone with a pair from last year in somewhat lighter color. They got worn out beautifully. I was also told Hermes will refurbish them just as they do the bags.
  4. Man, I'm in love with those boots! Can you post some pics for us?

  5. I am very bad with pictures and at the moment both cameras are broken anyway...
    The Kelly Caleche ad has gorgeous picture of the boots and mine are exactly the same as that pair. I think the ads are still running in all the fashion magazines. I always notice them and still drool all over them.
    By the way the hardware on the turnlock is ruthenium.
  6. do you mind telling us about how much were they?

    I need some flat black leather than are very sleek looking...not clompy looking
  7. Tamarind, if you don't mind my asking, how much were the boots? I understand if you don't want to say but I am curious!

    Edited: guess I'm not the only one!
  8. Haha, I was also curious as to price!

    Man, they're lovely :girlsigh:

  9. oh the phone now with my SA, can you email me that pic Sarah?
  10. those are gorgeous.....are they still available?
  11. Sure, GG! Sending as we speak.

    ETA: Sent!
  12. my SA is trying to find them. drooooling.

    these are the jumping boots. there are a few more styles, etc

    Angelina Jolie has the one in the ads in brown.

    I am looking for black.

    love that belt too.
  13. I think retail on the jumping boots is somewhere around $1,750...? There are some tall black H boots on eBay right now...
  14. bummer....they are sold out in my sizes in all colors. but my SA is going to dig. I hope they can at least order them for me!
  15. Those are such elegant boots!!! I love them also. Gucci, you should definitely get them!! :tup::yes: