Hermes Ribbon Craft Challenge!

  1. Guys/Gals--let's figure out what we can do with our ribbons!

    Laynard braiding? keyholders, weaving? Anyone do anything crafty or unusual with their extra Hermes ribbons?

    I've got a bunch now and I'd love to figure out some way to do something with them that was cool.

    Can they be crocheted?
  2. You could definitely crochet with them with a larger crochet hook! :yes:
  3. I used my extra ribbons as a Lanyard - just tie 2 ends together and that's that.

    But I do scrapbooking, I should save some of those for that too :smile:
  4. OOoh... I'd love to make one of those "French bulletin boards" - the ones with the crisscrossed ribbon on a padded board?
  5. Someone on eBay uses them with other ribbons to make tote bags - they look cute.
  6. thats a GREAT idea!
  7. I saw that tote bag, I thought it was cute as well, but always passed on it, didnt know how well it would hold up with stuff in it!
  8. How do you make the "french bulletin" board?
  9. That would be sooooo soon as one of you ladies make one..please post a pic!!
  10. ooh that's a great idea! i might have to try that. now to find a staple gun. tape measure etc. lol
  11. Oh, I want one! A french bulletin board with H ribbon! That is fabulous!
  12. Oh, man! I just told the boutique again today not to use any ribbons on my scarf boxes. Now I'll have to go back and ask them to give me all the ribbon that I've passed on in the past so that I can have some to make that bulletin board . . .
  13. clothes line
    hair ribbon
    christmas ornament hangers
  14. I'm getting my first orange box in a few weeks hee!!! :smile: i have already decided what I'm going to do with the ribbon, i will surprise you on the day!