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  1. My store has run out of the 2006 Hermes Ribbon and is now using the plain brown ribbons without any words on it.

    I saw a ribbon with the words "Collection Hermessence" on it. Is this used for some special bags only?
  2. MrsS, I believe those are for Hermessence items coz I was given a Hermessence gift (the one with the 4 bottles of whatever Hermessence in it like Rose Ikebana, etc) by my SM and the ribbon around that box is the "Collection Hermessence" one:smile:
  3. Hmm, now I have a qn.. I've seen the ribbons with "Noel" on them here somewhere before. I think it was someone's signature pic. Are these used closer to Christmas, replacing the normal "Paris in the Air" ones?
  4. Thanks, Sue.

    Hmmmm .... this ribbon was tied around a Birkin box .... I'm puzzled now.
  5. I've got some Noel ribbon - god only knows when I got it, though......
  6. OOO, I want some 'noel' ribbon (tied around something yummy in an orange box....).
  7. Me too! Me too!!! Maybe when I'm in next, I'll see if I can spy any "Noel" ribbons by the wrapping counter. If not, I may be so gauche as to ask, lol!
  8. Maybe they used it coz they were all out of the regular 2006 ones? Hey, see if your store has the Noel ribbons!:nuts: I'm tempted to buy something just for the ribbon, lol!:rolleyes:
  9. You are as sad as me!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Yeah, baby!!!:yahoo: We sure have our priorities straight, don't we?:rolleyes::roflmfao:
  11. Why don't you just be thick-skinned like me and just ask for the ribbon??? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: They must know you quite well at the store by now, especially after your little foray there with xquisite and GF. :P
  12. Dangit, WN, I will! My skin ain't thin, lol, so this is something I can def do! But I won't be able to go until early-mid Dec. And last week I bought some stuff over the phone. Hopefully they'll use the Noel stuff on it! I just called today too but they were soooo busy I didn't have the chance to make all my enquiries.

    Hey, in the same vein, anyone know if scarf boxes also have nice covers for Christmas? I've seen some scarves on eBay with pretty scarf box sleeves in the design of some scarf. Is that a Christmas thing? Or no?
  13. Ask them to throw a few extra yards of the ribbon into the shopping bag!

    Did you see the ultimate Hermes christmas bag? Perja posted some new pics of the windows at FSH and the Plume is TDF.
  14. ^^Yes, I saw that! I want the foot cushion! I've gone Christmas mad. I asked my SA if they get special Christmas-themed porcelains in. I would LOVE a giant cup with the Noel design on it!
  15. No, but... if you would like some I have it... and am not intending on selling my bags so if you want it... pm me I will ship... while supplies last!