Hermes resources

  1. Could anyone please post additional blogs or sites that are hermes-related that you enjoy or find useful. Not resellers, but sites for discussion or information. Someone once referred to an "image-only" site. I would LOVE to know more about that. The format for the PF is unbeatable, and you are the nicest bunch around. I would just love additional resources for pictures. :shame:
  2. I would love to of more also.

    I only know of this forum and the fashion spot.

    I love reading on both them:biggrin: :heart:
  3. All Things Hermes is an image-only site, has about 50 bags posted.

    It is part of the Allthingshermes group at Yahoo Groups. I joined this group recently. The focus is on Hermes scarves, but there's plenty info there. You need to get a Yahoo account to join the Allthingshermes group.

    Will try to come up with more...
  4. i'm not sure if i've seen it, but the site says it's currently unavaible.
  5. Hi,Heels, you sometimes have to wait and try again later.