Hermes resellers

  1. I've purchased items from luxury*treasures4u and smallestfish, but I am hesitant to purchase from them again. L*t4u mailed the item before she remembered to send additional pictures of the piece. I was not happy about that because I gave her enough time to respond and post pictures. I told her that she would be hearing from me when the item arrived, and she never responded. I decided I would not leave any feedback about the transaction because it was not a good business partnership. Smallestfish has other Hermes items, but they have been posted forever. I took the plunge and purchased an H bracelet from her. It is authentic and she was great to work with...I don't know if people trust her as an eBay reseller or she has had a history of selling fakes. If anyone has had any experience with these resellers, please chime in...It would be interesting to hear and read what you know about them.
  2. coleigh, i'd recommend posting this in the hermes resellers thread up above this general section. it's certainly relevant. sorry you had a less than pleasant experience.
  3. Wouldn't you have wanted additional pics before you paid? You obviously paid without the add. pics so I don't see your problem? And what was wrong in the end with the bag that you decided not to leave any feedback at all?

    There has never been anything negative AFAIR about smallestfish, I think she's a member here too. Her auctions have always been for authentic goods.
  4. Hello, smallestfish was a great reseller, but everytime I look at her H pieces, they are still there. She was very professional and I would buy from her again. I felt we had open communication.

    lt*4u, had poor communication with me, the client. Many of my questions were not answered. The pictures of the wallet were satisfactory, but I asked for additional pictures upon checking out. She failed to answer my questions and forget to email pictures before packaging it up. Hello, that is my problem.

    BTW, I did not leave any feedback because I felt although she sells H, I would not buy from her again. I know that if I did leave feedback, it would not be pleasant and encouraging to others.

    I'm glad, Hello, that you know of smallestfish. Thanks.