Hermes Resellers in Paris?

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  1. I hope this is not a stupid question, ladies, but I can't seem to find info anywhere else.

    Does anyone know if there are Hermes resellers in Paris, selling new/used/vintage Birkins and Kellys?

    Anyone from Paris?
    If anyone has a contact for a consignment/resale shop in Paris, do let me know! I can give them a call and check. Thank you!
  2. Tammy check the Master List of Sellers in the Hermes Shopping subsection.
  3. Thank you Gina!
  4. You're welcome, Tammy. Happy H hunting!
  5. hi try either - Didier Ludot (Palais Royal Cloisters), Les 3 Marches de catherine B (1 Rue Guisarde, 75006 - nearest Metro Mabillon), or m,y favourite, Antiquités de l'Ile Saint Louis Rues des deux ponts, ile st louis Antiquités de l'Ile Saint Louis, 20 rue des Deux Ponts 75004 Paris. I got a collier de Chien and medor Cuff from them and they are great. all have Hermes stuff but stock changes and they can't guarantee a birkin or kelly all the time, it's pot luck. you can also try the flea markets as some antique dealers have stalls there but its cash only and again pot luck/ good luck!!!
  6. Thank you, Prada! I will be calling each and everyone of these shops when I arrive in Paris. If not for bags, for vintage items like charms and trinklets. I love vintage stuff.