Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. It would depend on what leather the bag is, and its general overall condition.
  2. When should the first spa for a box kelly be? And how often from then on? Thanks in advance!
  3. Just spoke to Claude during my visit last week to show him mi minorly scratched 35cm box calf sellier Kelly. He took a lool amd said it would take 6 to 8 weeks and cost $120.
  4. What leather is this Kelly, is it box? If so, this leather often refurbishes well, rubbed corners can often be improved but it depends on the extent of the rubbing, if the top portion of the leather is gone then it might not be possible to bring it back to new condition, although it could look much better. Best thing to do would be to post some photos if you can in the Vintage Bag Nightmares thread in the reference section. DocRide is great with leather and might be able to advise you.

    But of course the best person to help you would be your Hermes craftsperson, they will be able to tell you what is and is not possible.

    Have you checked to make sure this bag is authentic?
  5. Hello everyone,
    I need your advice if possible. I have Birkin Kelly bag wich is in pretty bad shape. I have read your posts and you all talk about Paris as only possible place to go for a bag repair. I was wondering is it possible to get it repaired in any store in Europe or I simply must go to Paris?
    The closest shop for me is located in Vienna.

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  6. Hi Charm, thanks for your comment, really appreciate it :biggrin:
    I'll check Vintage Bag Nightmares thread.

    Yes, it was already authenticated by Bababebi. (haven't purchased yet)
    It is a box calf retourne in navy blue and the bottom corners are slightly scuffed/rubbed. The rubbed parts looks a little whitish.

    Since the reseller's price is higher than what vintage kellys go for and price is not negotiable, I'd like to make sure that Spa could improve the appearance.
  7. You are welcome. I took a look at the photos and in my opinion, the rubbing is minor as far as can be seen from the photo, a spa treatment might be able to blend that in nicely. Ask for some more photos of the other corners as they only show the one.
  8. Thanks for taking your time to check for me. :flowers:
    The reseller sent me the extra photos and it shows the other corners also have similar minor rub/scuff. He even assured that those are minor and Hermes could improve but I just wanted to hear other people's opinion in this thread. ;)
  9. For those of you who have bought vintage bags from resellers: what do you say when you take the bag in for spa? Do you tell the SA that this was bought from a reseller? Does that affect whether or not they will accept the bag for spa??
  10. As long as it is a genuine Hermes, they will accept it. Ive brought in my birkin bought from a reseller to be cleaned conditioned etc. I don't think Hermes asks questions about the bag unless it is a fake bag. Hope this helps :smile:
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  11. Thanks Mommynpoppy! Does your SA ask where you got the bag from? Am just asking because earlier in this thread, someone said their SA refused to service a bag bought from a reseller.... even though it was authentic (I'm assuming).
  12. They never asked me any question on vintage bags I have. Sometimes they just admire it.:smile:
  13. that happened to me, and my bag (Bolide) still hasn't been to the spa yet as there is only one H boutique in my area...
  14. Hermes will accept any authentic bag for service regardless of where it was purchased. If your store is refusing to help you, I would report them to corporate and call Madison Ave or FSH and ship it directly to them for spa.
  15. Agree.
    Claude at Madison has taken my boutique purchased and reseller purchased bags alike without any hesitation. Just this week I dropped my Ebene/ Orange Vibrato Canoe for service - removal of a small grease stain. He asked where I bought it since he could not recall having seen one in NY ever and I was very honest about having purchased it from a reseller. He didn't even blink. Of course, it has to be authentic - he turned away a fake Kelly while I was there.